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Your Best Buy – On the Road MP3 Package


Whether you are heading to the grocery store 15 minutes away or going across the country, the “On the Road” Package will help you to stay in the memoir conversation during time that might otherwise be wasted.

You can listen on any device that plays an MP3.

Value: $111.20 if purchased separately



Use your non-productive time to stay in the memoir conversation. Become a better memoir writer as you are “on the road”. Contains: 16 MP3s (most offering you 50-to-60 minutes each of instruction.)

  1. Characters That “Live” on the Page – A 6.95 Value – The people in your memoir are your characters. They can benefit from more vivid detailing
  2. Facts Behind the Story – A 6.95 Value – A memoir depends on facts. In this MP3, learn how the facts may alter your memory
  3. Structure Your Memoir For More Interest and Meaning – A 6.95 Value – How you tell your lifestory can be structured to have more impact.
  4. Tell the Truth – A 6.95 Value – What happened is what happened. Own your story.
  5. Journals and Memoirs – A 6.95 Value – Your Journals are both full of source materials for your memoir and a laboratory to learn to write memoir. No memoir writer should be without a journal. This MP3 will provide you with a new appreciation for the role of the journal in your writing life.
  6. Similes and Metaphors – A 6.95 Value – All of literature depends on the use of image to create and extend meaning. A memoir without simile and metaphor—images—is the poorer for the lack. Think: “My love is like the red, red rose….”
  7. The Myth Journey of Your Memoir – A 6.95 Value – Our lives are premised on myth. The memoir is a record of that mythic journey and, if it is to be good, it requires that you uncover your myth and celebrate it.
  8. Theme in Memoir – A 6.95 Value – The theme is the soul of your memoir. It is what you are trying to say. It is the message behind the words, the lesson you wish to impart. Everyone has a theme. The problem arises when theme slips into preaching.
  9. Why Photoscribe?
  10. Writing with Passion
  11. How To Publish Your Book – If you dream of your manuscript becoming a real book, consider self-publishing.
  12. Getting Started will help you successfully move from wanting to have a memoir to actually having one.
  13. Turning Memories Into Memoirs Audio Part I—A four part MP3 excerpt of the book.
  14. Turning Memories Into Memoirs Audio Part II
  15. Turning Memories Into Memoirs Audio Part III
  16. Turning Memories Into Memoirs Audio Part IV


Value: $111.20 if bought separately