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We are both writers and writing teachers, coaches and editors. We’ve walked the walk. We love writing and we know the power of sharing stories. For the while you will be with us, we will show you how to live the writer’s life, which will make your writing easier. Because we are writers, we know how to teach, coach and edit with publication in mind.

We are intuitive and believe strongly that the process of writing requires not only accountability and goals but the freedom to linger and to spiral deep down over time into our memories. This is not a “how to can tomatoes” book you are writing.

We are students of life. Psychology fascinates us, and we know there are deeper reasons behind the obvious explanations for the way things happen, for the life we have lived. A memoir that takes these deeper reasons and impulses into account is almost always more grounded and more moving.

vintage photoWe are lovers of language. We have studied language and the creative process and we know how to create “just in time” learning for you. When you need to learn a new approach or technique  to improve your memoir, that’s when we present it to you. It’s all about your story.

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