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A Consumer’s Guide to Ghostwriting Services


How to choose and work with the best co-author for you. The best How-to eBook on memoir ghostwriting available.

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A Consumer’s Guide to Ghostwriting Services. You have perhaps been thinking of preserving your story for a long time. You know you want to write about a seminal relationship in your life, or a formative event that launched you in what was to be your future—and yet somehow the story doesn’t get written. Something has been in your way; some reluctance has prevented you from beginning the work.

The challenge of writing a memoir—the narrative of your life—is daunting! Even though I have written many books, I can sympathize. Such a long project requires great focus—of time, energy, resources—and many writing skills. There’s so much involved that, when you think of it, it’s easy to understand why the prospect of investing time and energy to write the story of your life overwhelms you.

With the help of a Memoir Ghostwriter, you can realize your dream of accessing the power in your story.

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