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The Nice-Nice Club Holds Its Last Meeting



So often the parent “holds” a family together, in a way, a sort of emotional hostage. Such was the life of Ladora’s children. The book shares the poignant sadness of a family coming undone. The story was well written, tangible and the struggle to remain present to self needs in turbulent times.
Mary Anne Harris

This book was both instructive and a reminder of how things really get out of control when families have to go through the process of closing a chapter, a home, a life — or in this case, The Nice Nice Club.
Pamela Spurling



In this short memoir, we read about a family that was held together because someone in the family invested much energy into maintaining the status quo. In The Nice-Nice Club Holds Its Last Meeting, a family that had once placed great stock in a façade of loving one another—and it had “worked” for a long time—sees the façade crumble, showing inner workings that were badly in need of fixing.

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