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theme in a memoir

Is Theme in a Memoir The Driving Force?

How important is theme in a memoir? Theme in a memoir is absolutely important! Here’s is a distinction between a family-focused autobiography and a memoir that, I hope, will help you to appreciate the value and the role of theme in a memoir.

theme in memoir

Is theme important in memoir?

Theme influences choices for every element in the story: plot development, characterization, and setting. Is theme important. You bet it is!

shaping theme

Shaping Your Theme

You imbue the whole of your story with your theme and it, in turn, influences the choice of every element in your story—even when you’re not aware of it. Consciously shaping your theme can make your memoir.

November Is Memoir Writing Month

November 17 Activity: Gather Details For a Memoir

While most of us have many vivid memories of other times in our lives, it remains true that we have forgotten many sense details of our experience. These sense details are often elements that will draw the reader into the story. It is important to gather details for a memoir.

November Is Memoir Writing Month

November 16 Activity: The Bigger Picture in A Memoir

The bigger picture in a memoir is essential for your reader (and you!) to better understand the period of your life you are writing about. A memoir that is set in the historical context of your time, even with just a few references to events, broadens your personal story into a larger story for your […]

November Is Memoir Writing Month

November 14 Activity: Travel to the Setting of Your Memoir

Travel to the place that figures in your memoir. If you can do so physically, that is great. If however you need to travel to this place in your mind – because it is too far away or because somehow the locale no longer exists, you can always get there through visualizations.