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Praise for Denis Ledoux:

You have the heart of a teacher, not just an editor, and I have become a much better writer because of your attention. A publishing professional who subsequently reviewed the manuscript told me that the writing was good and engaging. I have you to thank for that. You were very helpful.

—Denise Swasty

Click on the blue links below to learn how you can get a helping hand to facilitate your memoir writing:

  • Coaching—When you need to develop fundamental writing skills and techniques. There is much to learn, and much help is available.
  • Editing—When you want to tighten and polish your memoir before sending it out into the world. Sometimes this is called developmental editing. It gets your memoir polished.
  • Ghostwriting—When you need a professional writer to help you create your memoir. We can all be authors but we are not all writers.
  • Proofreading—When you want to be sure there are no technical mistakes littering your memoir.
  • Book Production—When you want your self-published book to look professional, as if it came from one of the big publishing houses.
  • Courses—When you want to learn at home on your own at your pace.
  • My Memoir Education—When you want to learn a much as you can from a free membership before asking for more help to write your best memoir.


  • How to Become A Memoir Writing Professional—When you want to prepare yourself as best you can to do memoir work in your community. Lead workshops, coach, edit. You can be complete your training sooner than you think to earn an income as a memoir professional.

What sort of help is best for a memoir writer?

The answer to your question is necessarily an individual one. It might be coaching, editing, ghostwriting, proofreading or book production. Any reputable company will offer a free consultation to help you define the options and select the best one for you.

What is I have not begun to write and don’t know what to write about but still want to create a memoir?

This is a frequent challenge for new writers. Coaching will get you to explore possible topics. Writing memoir is a big commitment and ought to be focused on something important to you. You need to take the time it takes to discover your topic.

What if I have already done a lot of writing?

Editing is then probably your best choice. A developmental editor will both advise you on how to strengthen you manuscript if that is needed and will show you how. A content editor can help you polish your existing prose. A copy editor / proofreader will prepare your final draft for publication.

What if I don’t want to learn to write but still have a story I want told?

A ghostwriter can help you to create a manuscript that is told in your voice and reflects your personality.

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The bigger picture in a memoir is essential for your reader (and you!) to better understand the period of your life you are writing about. A memoir that is set in the historical context of your time, even with just a few references to events, broadens your personal story into a larger story for your […]

November Is Memoir Writing Month

November 14 Activity: Travel to the Setting of Your Memoir

Travel to the place that figures in your memoir. If you can do so physically, that is great. If however you need to travel to this place in your mind – because it is too far away or because somehow the locale no longer exists, you can always get there through visualizations.

November Is Memoir Writing Month

November 12 Activity: Use Sense Details in Your Memoir

Use Sense Details—They Bring Us Into the Story The difference between a memoir and a personal essay has largely to do with how each affects us differently. A memoir is one heart speaking to another while a personal essay is one mind speaking to another.

November Is Memoir Writing Month

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November Is Memoir Writing Month

November 8 Activity: The Backstory of Your Memoir

Each of our memoirs is likely to have stories full of details. We spend much time elaborating the story as we remember it—and this is usually good, but we often slip into telling too much backstory. When I work with coaching clients, I might ask them to tell the story of their relationship breakup, for […]

November Is Memoir Writing Month

November 7 Activity: Speed Up Your Writing

People often complain that they do not have the time to write. Often this is justly so as writing does take up a good amount of time. No way around it! Today you will explore a way of writing faster—better will come later. In this post, learn to speed up your writing.

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