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When you claim My Memoir Education, your free Basic Membership in, you'll get instant access to a treasure trove of proven online writing training with these products:
  1. E-course on writing that you can access via both audio and/or the written word:
    • Three Pillars of Memoir Writing
    • Getting Started
    • Moving Plot with Action
    • Describing Character
    • Structure Your Memoir
    • Point of View
    • Conveying Theme
  2. Four Comprehensive writing guides to see you through some tough emotional spots:
    • You Deserve a Memoir
    • Where to Start
    • Scheduling for Success
    • Who Will Read Your Memoir?
  3. The Memory List Question e-Book:
    • 36 pages of stimulating and evocative memory prompts.
  4. Inspirational interviews with writers who have successfully been there done that:
    • Short story writer, novelist and memoirist Monica Wood
    • Novelist and memoirist Kate Christensen
    • Memoir blogger Kathy Pooler
    • and others
  5. Radio and teleclass recordings:
    • Top memoir writing interviews with Denis Ledoux
    • Teleclass audios with Denis Ledoux

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