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6 Benefits of A Long Distance Writing Program

Looks like a long distance writing program—because it is one. The Write Your First Memoir Draft program has been designed to bring you all the best of an academic external degree program. Many of us have looked into these programs or at least have seen them advertised in writers’ magazines like Poets & Writers and […]

Maine woman's memoir

How to Organize Your Memoir: Four Ways

Do you wonder how best to organize your memoir? Eventually, after you have written awhile, you will likely have amassed a number of vignettes, story segments, and stories. You will want to organize your memoir to make a statement, a bigger picture. How will you do it? Below are four ideas for organizing your memoir.


Is It a Memoir or Autobiographical Fiction ?

What Makes It Memoir or Autobiographical Fiction? I read a memoir that did well here in Maine (it’s by an excellent Maine writer)—I can’t vouch for its reach in the rest of the country. I’m left wondering if it is memoir or autobiographical fiction. It’s an interesting book, very well-written in terms of style and […]

Frustration from writer's block?

3 Causes of “Writer’s Block”

Many writers suffer from writer’s block, yet few understand its possible causes. Memoir writing certainly has its difficulties which can create it, and not just writer’s block! There are a number of reasons that contribute to difficulty in writing. 1. In memoir writing, “writer’s block” can be the result of dealing with uncomfortable material. Perhaps you […]

My Memoir Writing Plan

Commitment vs. Interest

There’s a big difference between your commitment to writing your memoir and being interested. “But I do want to write my memoir,” I can hear some hypothetical person insisting. No, this is not about wanting to write a memoir, not about trying to write one, not about being interested in writing… What I am writing […]

Your best memoir writing comes "from the inside out"—a powerful and effective affirmation vehicle.

Memoir Writing Needs Inner Work as well as Outer Work

Whether as a coach or as an editor, when I have engaged with writers, I have often found similar presenting problems— I don’t have time, I never had a good grammar education, I have so many stories to tell I don’t know which one to start with. Frequently, these “reasons” writers present for not writing […]

Martha Blowen

Family Celebrates Thanksgiving with Sadness

Martha Blowen, my partner in life and in work, died on August 18, 2008, from metastasized breast cancer. The following is from collated excerpts of journals we both kept at the time.  (Before she passed away, she gave me permission to share her entries.) The memoir is called My Eye Fell Into the Soup, after […]

Writing Motivation

Memoir Writing Motivation

Processing life through writing I have the motivation to write every day because I simply cannot stay away—it is how I process life. Writing helps me understand what has happened and how I feel about it. My father’s Norwegian stoicism and our family’s isolation caused by his alcoholism prevented much communication with anybody, in or […]

Coaching helps you write a better memoir

What would support for writing your memoir look like for you?

While some people succeed at writing an interesting and meaningful memoir on their own, the fact is many people need both more technical expertise than they now have and more emotional support for the long effort they are undertaking. Many find the task of writing a memoir—however urgent and compelling—to be somewhat daunting and, if […]

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