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November 23 Listening to Your Memoir Yields Dividends

Listening to your memoir yield dividends. As writers, we have often experienced of writing what we feel has to be deathless prose. Later, perhaps a week or a month later, when we pick up our own manuscript again, we realize that our deathless prose is perhaps closer to deadly prose. Having your story read out […]

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Memoir Leads to Exploring the Past

Writing a memoir is like opening a window into your life. It can also help clear the fog on windows of the past. Writing my own story in my memoir Nothing Like Normal (to be published by Black Opal Press November 14) caused me to wonder about the tales of my parents and ancestors and […]

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November 20: Practicing to Write In Quantity

The goal of today’s activity is to practice the habit of writing easily and in flow. A first step a memoir writer usually takes is to write quantity, to write much. Quality will come later—as it must. When a construction crew builds a house, it does the rough framing first. It is only later that […]

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November 18 – Time to Include Feelings in Your Memoir

November 18 Activity: Time to explore feelings in your memoir In the last exercises, I have asked you to explore the sense details of your life. This is not to slight feelings that have characterized various periods of your life. My own writing is full of feeling and feelings. Feelings are often expressed through sense […]

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November 17: Gather Details For a Memoir

While most of us have many vivid memories of other times in our lives, it remains true that we have forgotten many sense details of our experience. These sense details are often elements that will draw the reader into the story. It is important to gather details for a memoir.

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