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“I am a writer. I help other writers who are overwhelmed, uncertain, and full of doubt to write with joy, focus, and greater skill. I mentor writers to get their memoirs written and out into the world.” —Denis Ledoux

how to write your memoir to the end

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Writing a Non-Fiction Book

A common lament, I hear from writers goes like this, “I wanted a book, and I got off to a good start writing a memoir. I’ve always wanted to write a book, but then I just stopped. I don’t know why.” What I have sometimes found is that people approach memoir-writing as an easy access […]

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The Memoir Network

3 Stages of Writing a Memoir

A guest post Three Stages of Writing a Memoir: Own Your Truth; Find Your Voice; Tell Your Story In December 2011, I decided to take a trip to my home country, Azerbaijan. I had a property to sell and family to visit there. More importantly, I was on a mission to find my father’s grave. […]

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The Memoir Network

Should I Create an Outline for my Memoir?

I do not write a memoir from an outline. Instead I create a Memory List as outlined in Chapter 2 of Turning Memories Into Memoirs. The Memory List helps you to follow the promptings of the unconscious rather than the dictates of the conscious mind as is the case with an outline. (An outline is […]

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Franco-American History and The Lachine Massacre

In the evening of August 4, 1689, the night of the Lachine massacre, a violent rainstorm hovered above the Saint Lawrence and the Island of Montréal. Lightning flashed repeatedly across the sky and deafening thunder resounded above the seventy-seven houses of the community of Lachine. As the Canadiens slept in their isolated farms, fifteen hundred […]

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Should I Write My Memoir

10 Tips to Boost The Quality of Your Memoir

Writers ask me what they can do the most easily to write better memoir. The following are my recommendations to boost the quality of your memoir. 1. First, make a Memory List. A Memory List is a list of every important event, influence, and relationship in your life or in any particular era. It can […]

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The Memoir Network

Write to the End: Complete Your Book Manuscript

As part of my virtual book tour, I made a stop on Monday March 30, 2015, at Cate Russell-Cole’s Inkspot blog. There are many features that are special about this blog and one of them is that Cate is located in Australia. So…the virtual book tour has become an international tour! Thanks, Cate. Here is […]

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