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  • Discovering My New Home

    This is an excerpt from a memoir I am thinking of calling either In Another Century or A Very Catholic Boy. I am 13, and in the previous excerpt, I have just arrived at the seminary high school where I will be living. The excerpt starts as I have brought my trunk up to the dormitory and we exit the room. I am with my parents, my grandmother my brother and two sisters. All the people in the story are bilingual.

    The Memoir Network

    Kate Christensen talks about writing Blue Plate Special / An Autobiography of My Appetites and about writing in general.

    In her memoir, novelist Kate Christensen, author of The Great Man and the The Astral Hotel, has undertaken to organize her lifestory around food. It is an interesting concept, a theme, around which to make sense of a lifetime. If the memoir is, as Rainer Maria Rilke said of poetry, a momentary order, then Kate Christensen has done just that.

    The Memoir Network

    The Memoir Writer’s Blog—a Successful Blog?

    This post is the 300th on my blog. I am amazed at the number. I realize that other blogs have more posts but even so, 300 is an achievement. I want to honor that I have been writing my own posts and curating guest posts for a while now and have achieved this constancy—300 posts. If that makes for a successful blog, then I have done it.

    finding the time to write a memoir

    6 Tips to Finding the Time to Write A Memoir

    For many of us finding the time to write a memoir can be problem. There are so many things that seem to get in the way what with work, family, household chores, TV, social media, etc. So start by asking yourself whether all of these distractions are really just a way of avoiding getting down to writing.