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dramatic development of an interesting memoir

Dramatic development, not big events, adds up to an interesting memoir.

What makes for an interesting memoir? People will sometimes suppose that only big drama can make an interesting memoir. Of course, there are many readers who require constant titillation if they are to remain reading. Perhaps they are not the readers you should be seeking for your memoir. Nonetheless, nearly all readers require some attention […]

how to write a successful memoir

How to Write a Successful Memoir: Digging for Treasure

Today’s successful memoir writer is Jean Crichton. Jean attended the very first national workshop that I organized in 2000. From that time, we developed a strong working relationship via coaching and editing. She was one of those writers who was an absolute pleasure to work with. To read past interviews For the most recent interview with […]


November 30 Activity: Set a Timeline for Writing Your Memoir

You need a timeline for writing your memoir. It will both speed up the writing process and assure that your complete your book. It is possible of course to choose to write a memoir so that it takes you forever to complete it. You can write when you feel like it for as long as […]


November 29: How to Write an Introduction for a Memoir

The introduction for a memoir can be pivotal. I suggest that you write an Introduction to be placed before the first chapter of your book. The Introduction lets fly a hook to get the reader caught so s/he reads on. In a bookstore, the Introduction is often what the reader peruses. Online, the sample copy […]


November 28 Activity: Create Suspense and Foreshadowing in A Memoir

Suspense and foreshadowing in your memoir are important. Plot is what happens in a story. For many readers, it is what keeps them a reading. There are some fiction techniques—namely suspense and foreshadowing—that you can use in your memoir to keep the reader reading. Today’s post explores these techniques.


November 27 Activity: Add Direct Dialog in a Memoir

There are two ways characters can speak in a story. One way is called direct dialogue. When you write: she said, open quotation how are you doing today” you are using direct dialogue. direct dialogue is characterized by quotation marks. When you use direct dialogue in a memoir, you are saying this is actually what […]


November 26 Activity: Where Is the Hero’s Journey In Your Memoir?

Depict the hero’s journey in your memoir. Perhaps you have never thought of yourself as a hero—but in fact you are one. It is the energy of your hero’s journey that has impelled you to write a memoir. Every memoir tells the story of a hero’s journey. It is the story of how the main […]


November 24 Activity: How To Find Stories Missing in Your Memoir

There may be stories missing in your memoir. In some way, writing a memoir is like organizing an anthology of stories. In the method that I teach in my workshops, tele-classes, and coaching, writers write stories as stories come to them. I am not a great one for starting to write from the beginning and […]


November 23 Activity: Listening to Your Memoir Yields Dividends

Listening to your memoir yield dividends. As writers, we have often experienced of writing what we feel has to be deathless prose. Later, perhaps a week or a month later, when we pick up our own manuscript again, we realize that our deathless prose is perhaps closer to deadly prose. Having your story read out […]

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