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Grow Your Memoir Or Writing-Based Company

What action can you take to grow your memoir or writing-based company? Are there steps you can effect today that will change how well you will be compensated for your memoir work? Start with the five steps below for a strong foundation.

I think there definitely are—whether you are trying to earn an income from memoir work or whether you would simply like to earn a bit of extra cash.

Paying Attention Yields Huge Benefits

Here’s an example of how paying attention changed the results for me. At the gym, doing an exercise I have never been entirely comfortable with, I found myself breathing out of sync with the exercise’s extensions and contractions. I asked myself, “How would I have to breathe if I were in sync with the physical requirements of the exercise I am doing?”

That’s a very simple question that led to observing my breath. I noticed that lifting grew easier as I breathed out with the contractions and extensions and breathed in with the pauses! I did more lifts that I had anticipated. Since any growth is at the limit of an exercise, pushing how much weight you can life via proper breathing maximizes the benefits of working out. Otherwise, you are wasting your time!

Afterwards, I asked myself, “How must I ‘breathe’ (work?) in sync with my memoir business? How does one work smarter and not harder? How does one get more benefit for the same amount of work?”

Ideas to grow your memoir or writing-based company-5 things to do today

The following suggestions presume that you are interested in earning more from your efforts.

  1. Look at the profit paths of the previous months and years. Where were the profits? Where were the students? For this to have any objectivity, check your records. Did you earn more from workshopping or did editing prove more profitable? Keep repeating what works well.
  1. Study past outreach channels. Which has brought in the largest number of students? Did speaking bring in paying students or was it media profiles (newspaper, radio, TV)? Which outreach brought the most profitable clients for the least effort? Repeat those.
  1. Align “enjoy and want to” with profitability. Over the long run, of course, you cannot keep a business (however small) profitable if you do not enjoy doing the work. But enjoying the work may not lead to profitability. How to you pursue profitability and enjoyment—by paying attention to the numbers.
  1. Keep track of the numbers as they come in and let the numbers influence decisions. This is not a to-the-penny calculation. You ought to know the general numbers, however. How do you earn per hour? Is this worth your while? Of course, if you are working only for the enjoyment, the hourly take is not important, but if you are hoping to (needing to) derive an income, upping your hourly take is a more reasonable and necessary focus.
  1. Reach for balance between heart and mind. Owning a business is about having a larger life, not a smaller one.

The Memoir Professional Package is your most effective choice for creating an efficient and profitable option for your memoir business or practice. It comes loaded with manuals, books, and MP3 to jumpstart your work and streamline your effort. Grow your memoir or writing-based company.

Another set that pairs well with the Memoir Professional Package is the On the Road MP3 set to listen to while commuting and traveling.

What tips can you share to grow your memoir or writing-based company? What has worked for you?


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