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4 Memoir Business Strategy Steps to Avoid Frustration

Do you have a memoir business strategy plan? As a group, we memoir professionals are idea people. Does this sound familiar? We start projects with great enthusiasm, work assiduously for a while, and then get begin to get bored.  We lack a business strategy or plan for our success.

How do we break the predictable cycle of enthusiasm to boredom? How can we find the energy to finish what we have started? How do we cope with the day-to-day work of running the business when it becomes tedious? To escape, we find ourselves planning new projects. Wow, we’re excited once again–for a while.

Avoid Memoir Business Frustration: Memoir Business Strategy Steps to Satisfaction

The ideas keep coming-never a shortage of those-but our bank accounts aren’t growing to reflect the hard work we invest in new projects that are not completed.

1. Find support to focus on completing what you have undertaken.

For some people who work with a partner, the collaboration of the two may be enough–one working consciously with the other to keep both focused. Most memoir professionals work alone, however, and find themselves looking for an excitement fix—encouragement and support. Here’s where a group can help.

Find a group locally or online to work with. The right group can encourage you, advise you, support you to success. Our Memoir Professionals group in LinkedIn is a great place to connect with others for encouragement and support.

The group need not be in real-time. You can also work with a group via downloads, on Facebook or via Skype. This blog on which this post reaches you is certainly an example of keeping connected remotely and informally.

2. Write your projects up in small increments.

You want to start a new workshop series or you want to work on a book. Great but don’t let the scope of a project get you stymied.

Chunking down will enable you to experience the satisfaction of finishing component parts. For instance, you may not have gotten your own memoir finished but you have compiled an awesome Memory List! Boy, that feels good!

Inch by inch, it’s a cinch; yard by yard, it’s hard.

Completing a project in small increments—and finding satisfaction in doing so—can enable you to stick with a project and is one sure way to add necessary step after necessary step that will help your memoir company to thrive.

See your work to its end. Otherwise, you will not see its benefits.

3. Do the parts of the project that interest you and delegate the rest–to someone in your office or to your virtual team.

Stick to your competencies. You do not have to do everything. Do what you do best and leave the rest to someone else—who will probably enjoy doing what you yourself do not enjoy doing!

If you do this delegation, you will find your interest is sustained for much longer as you will always be working on what interests you the most—and what you are best at.

Feel you can’t afford to delegate? Trade workshop tuition for formatting for your outreach materials. Trade editing a memoir for office work. Use your imagination about how to structure delegation and enjoy the partnership you can get from staying in your competency and letting someone help you from their competencies.

4. Work from a business strategy plan.

Make a list of what you want to do this quarter and what you want to do next quarter. Then, make a list of what you will do to meet each of these goals. Your list translates into a strategy plan. Making a strategy plan need not be more difficult than that.

Doing this will develop many strategies for focusing your business effort—and business success. A plan will mitigate the urge to wing it when you decide on work for the day or week. Remember that success is generally the result of a sustained, thorough effort—not of impulse and winging it.

Oh, yes, once you have completed a strategy, analyze its success. If it needs tweaking for the next quarter, this is a good time to do the tweaking and set yourself to soar the next quarter.

In conclusion

Start these focusing memoir business strategy steps today and experience your company growing again.

Good luck.


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