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Learn Better Writing: how not to wander aimlessly in your memoir

DL: This is part of several posts of free products available to you to learn better writing.This is Part 1.

You know the scene. You’re in an unknown town—never been to before. You have some general directions: your location is in the north end of town: perhaps it’s on a side street; after a fast food restaurant; “oh, and it’s after the oak tree that has been cut down.”

Needless to say, you have been driving around the north end without finding where your would like to arrive.

A writing coach can help you at every step of the process. Having “been there and done that”—and being able to talk clearly about it, a memoir-writing coach can point you in the right direction and gently correct your course.The Memoir Network Ghostwriting Services

A coach is a teacher, a cheerleader, a critic, a motivator, a writing buddy, a person who holds you accountable for meeting your goals, a good listener, and sometimes an editor—and a coach can be more if you need more.

For a free consult, call 207-353-5454 today to make an appointment.

Click here to read more about coaching.

Your spouse says, “Just stop and ask for some direction. Ask someone who knows how we can get there.”

But no, you are determined to do it on your own, not show anyone your ignorance. So, you keep driving around, and around. Eventually perhaps it has become somewhat late and you decide it’s best to give up and to go back home.

“Can’t get there from here.”

Hopefully, this is not how you are memoir writing.

Learn better writing.

Many of the people who have joined The Memoir Network community are first-time and perhaps only-time writers. They have not studied writing under an experienced writer. Perhaps they are in a writers’ group, but the other writers are no more experienced than they. This is not where they will learn better writing. It is a case of the blind leading the blind. Perhaps they have read a memoir or two about famous writers, but this did not seem to support their own ambition to write a memoir, to leave a written legacy.

This writer – who, I hope, is not you – continues however to resist getting help. Perhaps it’s due to pride. Or, perhaps it’s due to a poverty mentality – “I can’t possibly allow myself a free me book on writing!” Or, perhaps as you do busy-ness—”it’s all I can do to find time to write. How do you expect me to find the time to read a book or to attend a course or eclass.”

So instead, this writer continues to write aimlessly, wandering around a literary landscape that does not reveal its secrets.

Get the help you need.

In 2022, get the help you need to make your memoir happen. I have regularly worked with writers who have been writing for years on their own—in one instance, 10 years—without coming up with a book. There is no reason—none whatsoever—that, if you are committed to writing a memoir, you cannot do so in 2022.

Below, I am reminding you of the access you have to free material on The Memoir Network site. How many of these books and courses and MP3s do you have? Is there any good reason that you do not have all of them, have not listened or read all of them multiple times. Or…

Do you get some satisfaction simply writing without any specific direction.

In a subsequent post, I will tell you of other free products to help you make 2022 the success you deserve to have.

Free on The Memoir Network site

learn memoir writing #2

~ The My Memoir Education membership is free as it gets. There is no fee for this program which offers you much by way of long-distance learning: e-courses, e-books, interviews with master writers, whitepapers, bi-weekly Writers’ Guides (in-depth articles on the art and craft of memoir writing), and more. Learn memoir writing via this free membership—and you can’t beat the price!

We want to signal that My Memoir Education contains the free ten-part Introduction to Memoir Writing Program to jumpstart your writing. Do not miss it.

I purchased Denis’ book, Turning Memories Into Memoirs, years ago but had lost track of it. I went online looking for it again and discovered his website and all its resources. Wow!

Ebooks and ecourses

~ The Start to Write Your Memoir program is a free five-lesson e-course delivered to your inbox that shows you where to start to write your story and how to remember more than you ever thought possible. You’ll learn to mine your photos, journals and other materials on hand to bring depth to your memoir as well as how to come to terms with disappointment and impatience. Start to write your memoir the right way!

~ The Memoir Writer’s Blog contains over 500 posts that are available to you as a member of My Memoir Education. The posts range from technical how-to posts, to tips for an effective memoir start, to how to deal with painful memories, to telling the truth, to almost anything you’d want to know as a writer from motivation pieces to excerpts of published memoirs. And it’s free.

~ The Memoir Professional’s Blog is geared to writers who are interested in teaching memoir writing in their communities. If you think you would enjoy sharing your writing gifts and experience with others and would welcome some heads-up with how to go about doing so, sign up to receive the free ebook, Jumpstart Your Memoir Business, and be alerted as new blog posts as they are published.

In addition to the book, you will also receive a ten-lesson program via email when you sign-up to help you launch yourself as a memoir professional. Don’t miss out.

More links to free material to follow next week.

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