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checking a memoir ghostwriter's references

Five Questions for Checking a Memoir Ghostwriter’s References

Hiring a memoir ghostwriter will lead to a long-term relationship. This relationship will cost you money. It will also cost you time and energy. It is reasonable that you want it to function smoothly and well. Of course, you ask the writer for references, but are they reliable? Here are five areas of questions you ought to explore as you are checking a memoir ghostwriter‘s references.

1. How much like your own project was the project of the reference(s) your prospect has given you?

If the project involved writing an annual business report, it will hardly help you to evaluate whether or not the writer can do a great job with your memoir. It is not necessary, however, in checking a memoir ghostwriter’s references that the project(s) have been identical. For instance, if you are an African-American who became an Episcopal priest, it is not necessary that the references be from a person who has written a memoir about a black person in the ministry.

2. Is the reference a friend or relative of the memoir ghostwriter?

Many ghostwriters begin their career by writing a memoir for friends or family for free as a way of gaining experience. Obviously, a friend or a family member who received a service for free or at a reduced rate will be more indulgent than a person who paid full price. You will have to determine if the reference is credible and, if the reference was a first-time project, will you feel comfortable with the writer’s lack of much experience.

3. How easy or difficult was it for the reference to work with the memoir ghostwriter?

You will after all be spending much time with the writer as the two of you collaborate to produce your memoir. This topic is treated in an article of its own called Five Questions to Ask the References of Your Memoir Ghostwriter. Read it before checking a memoir ghostwriter’s references.

4. How long ago was the project of the reference completed?

While a writing competency is never lost, it can grow less agile and quick. A memoir ghostwriter who has not done a memoir in ten years will not be as quick as one who has just finished a project.

5. Would the reference hire the memoir ghostwriter again?

While a reference may be polite and supportive, this particular question often brings our the truth of the relationship as you go about checking a memoir ghostwriter’s references. Give it a try. If the answer is not, ask why specifically. The negative may come from a personal rather than a professional difficulty.

Answers to these questions plus your gut feeling ought to help you to make the right choice. For more on hiring and working with a ghostwriter, read A Consumer’s Guide to Ghostwriting Service. To get it for free, Click here.

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