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Launching A Memoir Practice – 6 Steps to Success

As a memoir professional — after you have garnered the names and contact information of sales prospects — it is time to do a follow-through in launching a memoir practice. You call, email, or write a card to remind your contacts of who you are and how you can be of service to them in resolving their problems.

1. Contact prospective clients within a few days of having spoken to them.

Otherwise, they may soon forget about you and your services. Remember that when they spoke with you about their need for a service or product, they were not interested in you or your company. They were interested in resolving their need by purchasing a service or product. They can get what they need from you or from your competitor.

2. Repeat your offering to them as you are launching a memoir practice.

What exactly is your product or service? How will it help them to meet their need? Speak here of benefits rather than features.

3. Make a case for some speed in their selection process.

Is there a sale, an early registration discount, a limited-time, special price bundling, or a gift offer? This is about creating some urgency not to miss an opportunity.

Also, remind them of the cost of not buying your service or product. This is the pain point. “Who will save your stories, if not you?” “Your stories will be lost.”

4. In launching a memoir practice, point out your value over the competition’s.

This is an opportunity to place yours as the product of choice and the competition’s as merely a second best. Tout your credentials, your experience, your availability, etc. (Remember: it all has to be true.)

5. If no “bite,” offer an alternative product within your line.

The prospect may be too busy to do the work now or cannot afford your product or service. Let the person voice his or her needs. Then, inform the prospect of two of your alternate products that could meet her/his need. Counsel the client about the better of the two choices for him/her. This will give the buyer a sense that s/he has a choice. The lower price point could prove attractive.

6. Ask for the sale.

A subtle way of asking is to say, “What would you like the next step to be?” The prospective client often realizes the rightness of a purchase.

When launching a memoir practice, follow these steps for success with your business.

Good luck launching a memoir practice or writing-based company!

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