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4 Ways to Become a Better Writer

You can become a better writer, but it will take some work.

How do you become a better writer? Well, how do you achieve mastery in any skill? The answer, however it is presented, comes down to both acquiring knowledge pertaining to the skill and to putting in the time to practice the skill with critiques available to correct your technique and approach.

This is what I look for in the membership sites I am a member of. I benefit from significant new material sent to me regularly, from the live interactions via conference calls, individual contact or webinar and I also appreciate returning to the membership pages to review material. In this way I have contact with a master and I am revising my skills in a community of practitioners.

At the Memoir Network, I have created a master writer group that meets many of the same needs I have had met in the membership groups I subscribe to. This master writer group is called Write Your First Memoir Draft Course. A membership in the Write Your First Memoir Draft Course can get you in the frame of mind to undertake and finish your memoir.

This course has all the components to guide you to become a better writer.

1. You get to stay in the memoir-writing conversation.

The Write Your First Memoir Draft Course offers you access to a master writer as well as to a group of intelligent dedicated writers in its bi-weekly tele-class. This tele-class is what I consider the core of the course. In each 90-minute session, you receive both specific instruction as well as an in-depth critique, week after week, of at least two manuscripts. This seminar setting  will not only offer you the chance to have your own manuscript critiqued by the group but will teach, as you edit the manuscript of others, much about the elements that go into writing an interesting and effective story—ultimately, of course, this is all about how to improve your manuscript and become a better writer.

The Write Your First Memoir Draft Course tele-class requires you to interact with a memoir professional and a group of writers regularly and actively. Each tele-class will be recorded and made available to you to listen to many times for you to get even more from each session. If you do not have the equivalent group in your life at this time, you need to look into the course. By itself, the cumulative value of the tele-class far exceeds the cost of the course.

2. You want to be in touch with a memoir-writing expert when you want, as often as you want.

In its Master Class, our Write Your First Memoir Draft Course program offers you an interview monthly with a memoir-writing guru to help you create the best memoir you are capable of.  Just listen to the MP3 as you drive for errands or to work, as you putter around the house (preparing meals and cleaning up afterwards are these times for me), or as you sit with a favorite cup of java. Read the reports as you have the time. Enjoy the benefits of being part of a master writer group. A new Master Class is posted every month.

3. You would like to ask your questions—on style, motivation, research, anything—and share in a group what memoir writing is for you and learn from others as they speak.

The Write Your First Memoir Draft Course has a monthly “town meeting”—the Mastermind Group tele-conference. It is a group-coaching session as well as an opportunity for you to share what you are currently writing. This, too, is a prime feature of the course that will motivate you to stay in the memoir conversation and become a better writer.

4. You want an involvement with memoir-writing that allows much work at your pace.

This membership writing group allows you to use the curriculum material as you need it or want to use it. You can download anything you want—the ebooks from the Memoir Writing Series, the instructional MP3s from the Memoir Network archives, the mini-ecourses, etc.—to your desktop files or you can leave titles up on the password protected area to return to regularly. Since we add bonus material regularly to the course area,  you may find yourself surprised to return to the master writer group area one day for a particular month’s goods and find new gift offerings there. Our way of making the memoir conversation fun for you.

Commit to become a better writer today.  Enroll in the Write Your First Memoir Draft Course. In the near future, I have also planned to add a Revise and Polish Your Memoir Course. These two in combination  can be your ticket to completing your memoir in 14 months!

Think about it: in 14 months, you can have your memoir in hand. You can be a published writer instead of a writer who is trying to write memoir!

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