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Writing your memoir is a marathon. Getting memoir writing help is valuable for strengthening your writing skills.

A Memoir is a Marathon. Can you do it?

You can write a memoir!

When you are facing a challenging undertaking, it is wise to seek help. If you were attempting to run a marathon, you would study up on the endeavor and be sure you are doing things right. Perhaps you would join a running club or a website that offers you a programmed course. You would talk to others who have run marathons and perhaps hire a trainer.

How about if you undertake to write a memoir? While some people do succeed at writing an interesting and meaningful memoir on their own, the fact is most people need both more technical expertise than they now have mastered and more sustained emotional support for the long effort they are committing to. Many first-time and only time writers find the task of writing a memoir—however urgent and compelling—to be somewhat daunting. Truth be told, writing your memoir can become rather tedious over the months of solitary effort that is required to ready your story for publication. It is a marathon of writing.

For support and development: seek memoir writing help!

  • The Memoir Writer’s Blog offers hundreds of thoughtful and well-written articles.
  • The Memoir Book Store contains many titles—hard copy, ebook, MP3—that will help you to understand the process of memoir writing and will help you to streamline the process.
  • Coaching, editing and ghostwriting is also available to help you to reach your goal more surely and expertly.

When you obtain memoir writing help, focused on teaching you incrementally about how to succeed at this important but often difficult task of recording personal and family stories, you facilitate  your success.

In conclusion

Running a marathon is made easier by proper instruction and training and accountability to a group. The same is true of memoir writing.

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