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My Memoir Writing Plan

Commitment to writing vs. Interest in writing

There’s a big difference between your commitment to writing your memoir and being interested.

“But I do want to write my memoir,” I can hear some hypothetical person insisting.

No, this is not about wanting to write a memoir, not about trying to write one, not about being interested in writing…

What I am writing about is a commitment to writing your memoir and bringing it successful completion.

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There’s a significant distinction between “being interested in writing” and “being committed to writing.”

1. When you are interested in writing, obstacles often prevent you from furthering your memoir. These obstacles are always reasonable—never an atom bomb exploding in your back yard. At some level, no one can fault you for them. Eg.:

  • You simply can’t write now because your husband wants to go out on a drive with you—and he’s been such a dear. “Asking me to accompany him isn’t too much of him to ask is it?”
  • When you are committed, you negotiate your time. “I need to write for another hour but after that I will be able to go out with you.”

2. When you are interested in writing and it is getting late and you are tired, you don’t write. “I’m just too tired,” you say.

  • When you are committed, you find a way of showing up. You might say, “I’m too tired to write but perhaps I can spend an hour reading old journals and taking notes. That’s pre-writing that will move my memoir forward.”

What does commitment to writing do that interest does not?

1. When you are committed, you develop new habits.

  • Perhaps you get up earlier.
  • Perhaps you go to the library.
  • Perhaps you silence the ringer on your phone and take messages to answer later.

2. When you are committed to writing, you organize a support system.

  • You read books on writing memoir and you read memoirs.
  • You take classes and workshops.
  • You sign up for coaching (and especially free coaching!)

3. When you are committed, you do not crowd your schedule around your writing time.

  • You do not schedule an activity before writing time if that activity is likely to have a time overrun.

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In conclusion

Commitment to your writing will see you through to publication while interest is not guaranteed to do so. Don’t let yourself slip into excuses: “You know how it is…I was interested in writing my memoir, but life got in the way!”

The choice is yours…it always is, always has been. Please leave your comments below.

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