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how to write your personal myth

How to Write Your Personal Myth into Your Memoir (Part 2) / A super easy guide to writing deeper memoir

Myths are the stories we create to express how we perceive the world and life. How we live our lives is determined by the myths we live by, but our lives also reveal our myths to ourselves and to the world. What are your myths? Look at your life, at your feelings, at your responses to others. That is where your myths reside! That is where your life as a myth can be found. Have you explored the role of myth in your life? Have you introduced the concept of myth into your memoir?

The full printed text of this video is to be found at: Your Life as a Myth Part 2

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Our lives are full of myths which we have lived out—and continue to do so daily. In this video, How to Write Personal Myth Into Your Memoir Part 2, I write about the “orphan” and the “prince[cess]-left-at-the-paper’s door.” Both have made frequent appearances in the memoirs I have coached and edited.

How to Write Personal Myth Into Your Memoir Part 2



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