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Add Depth To Your Memoir

It’s time to add depth to your memoir. One question that I get over and over again from writers is “How do I add depth to my memoir? I feel like I am skimming the surface.”

Here are links to five information-packed blog posts that are sure to make you think more deeply about your writing—and help you in the important task of re-writing your stories and vignettes so that they form a more coherent and meaningful whole.
  1. Telling the Hard Truth in Your Memoir Are You Holding Back
    The post will challenge you to be more open about your story. A memoir needs to demonstrate courage. Is yours doing so? If not, here are some suggestions.
  1. Better Than Writing Prompts – Five Tips for Creating a Memory List
    Writing prompts are a write-by-numbers gimmick. I feel they are all about writing from the outside in instead of the inside out. Do you know what is better for writing from the inside out than using a writing prompt?  Click above to find out—and they’re actually quite easy to implement.
  2. An Important Memoir-Writing Tool: Life Phases
    This one organizes—and deepens your memoir—in a dynamic way. Forget about starting with an outline. Use this sub section of the Memory List.
  3. Avoid Clichés and Stereotypes
    Perhaps I should have added to the above title: “like the plague.” But, that would have been a cliché, wouldn’t it! Clichés and stereotypes are guarantees for superficial writing.
  4. Use an Archetype of Your Experience to Revive Your Memoir.
    I love archetypes. They explain so much of what we are and do. No skimming the surface here. Archetypes are big-time about depth.

I hope these tips on how to add depth to your memoir will help you to do so.

Remember: whatever you do today, write a few pages of your memoir.

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