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Daily writing habits are important to a successful memoir.

Writing Your Memoir Regularly is Key to Success

Success is built on daily writing habits.

As has been bandied about and attributed to many different speakers, it is said that “you go to the office every day for 20 years, and before you know it, you are an overnight success.”

Well, we can apply that bit of humor as an insight on writing your memoir. Write every day for a year or two or three, and, before you know it, you have a book—you’re an “overnight success.”

“How did you find the time?” you are asked.

Time is always with us and it is a choice as to how we make use of it. Always a choice—sometimes the choice is injudicious in terms of your memoir (watching Netflix, talking to your garrulous neighbor, doing small shopping trips that consume too much of your time) but it is a choice nonetheless.

Every day has some time that could be devoted to writing a memoir—if that is what you choose.

Habits are formed by repetition—good habits as well as bad habit. Keep skipping writing and you have the habit of not writing. Get to your writing daily and you have developed a good writing habit. The choice is yours. With good daily writing habits, you will have a memoir in hand one day.

“But you know how old I’ll be by then?” a person says in a tone that obviously clinches it for him/her.

“Well, you’ll be the same age you’ll be if you don’t write your memoir.”

Your choice. Always your choice. To have a memoir or to have the thought of “trying to write” a memoir It’s just that sometimes we don’t know we are choosing—injudiciously. A memoir does not get written by itself.

If you have good daily writing habits, congratulate yourself. You are on your way to writing success.

If you don’t have good writing habits, today is a good day to start acquiring them. You may find it helpful to reference a past article in which I outlined three ideas for creating an effective writing schedule.

Good luck. Stay in touch and write a bit on your memoir today—it’s a good habit.

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