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Sending Your Independently Published Book Out Into the World

You’ve been writing for a long while. Your book has been edited professionally. You are ready to get your independently published book into your readers’ hands. Let’s explore and execute options for packaging and printing your self-published memoir.

Since I have no experience with a commercial publishing house and almost none of the writers I have worked with since 1988 have gone to one, I do not include information here about publishing your memoir via a publishing house as an option—although much of the information here may be indirectly useful to you if you go the commercial route.

In this video, Sending Your Independently Published Book Out Into the World, we’ll discuss the benefits of self-publication, not the least of which are that you can control production decisions—design, schedule, launch—and can often generate (for the unknown writer) more income than in the commercial route. Of course, learning what you need to know about production, marketing strategy, and regular execution can be a steep learning curve.

Sending Your Independently Published Book Out Into the World

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