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The Memoir Writing Series


Wish you had memoir writing books to provide just-in-time learning?
Your solution is right here in the Memoir Network Writing Series.
You may have hesitations and insecurities about one aspect of writing—let’s say, dialog—while you are confident and skilled in another—let’s say, staying motivated.
The Memoir Network Writing Series will help you to work through the blocks you face at whatever stage of writing you find yourself in.

Here’s what people have said of a couple of the books in the series:

Denis is an old hand at getting stories out of people. 🙂 This guide has many ideas to get memories flowing. Happy writing!
—Nick McKenna, writer

Great service! Wonderful to do business with! Highly recommend these books! Thank you so much!
—Alice Quirion, memoir teacher

Learn solutions to your writing problems. Get to the writing you enjoy. And…
Get your book finished and published!
Below is a complete list of the books.
You can buy the whole series at a reduced price or you can buy one at  time. Each book listed below is linked to its own page for you to learn more or purchase there individually.

This ADD TO CART is for the complete series.


This is where Memoir Network Writing Series will be so useful to you—especially if:

  • You don’t want an A-to-Z book on memoir writing. (If you do, purchase Turning Memories Into Memoirs / A Handbook for Writing Lifestories now. It’s the classic in memoir writing—the granddaddy of most of the other memoir-writing books!)
  • You are not looking for an encyclopedic treatment of writing. You are a one-time and perhaps only-time writer and are not interested in turning professional.
  • You are looking for a specific solution to a specific problem:
    • how to start writing a book?
    • where to turn to for help to remember more?
    • how do you beat writer’s block?
    • what to do to write to the end so as to have a book in hand?


There are seven books in the series.

  • 21 Must Do Memoir-Writing Tasks / Best Practices / How to Write Quickly and WellClick here to receive your free copy.

21 Must Do Memoir Writing TasksThis is an introduction to the series and is offered for free.

Ledoux has written another super useful book. He leads the memoir writer to the most important things to do right away. My hat’s off again to this master writer. He always saves me a lot of time and bother. — Patrick Greenleaf



Start Your Memoir Right

  • Start Your Memoir Right / Strategies for an Effective Writing Launch ~ Click here for more info.

This is truly an inspirational book. What a wonderful guide that is helping me write my first memoir. Thank you,  Denis, for publishing such a helpful book.
—Bob Wonnacott, memoir writer



  • Don’t Let Writer’s Block Stop You / How to Push Beyond Stuck ~ Click here for more info.

    Don't Let Writer's Block Stop You

I seriously had a handicap with writing. Denis Ledoux brings your eyes to see yourself practically and proceed. No hustle at all. He helps us keep our path and our goal well  in focus.
—anonymous memoir writer



  • Write to the End / Eight Strategies to Thrive as a Writer ~ Click here for more info.

    How To Write to the End

What I love about all of Denis’s books is his emphasis on realistic goals and on concrete examples. He does not say, “You can do this in a weekend” which, of course, is what we all want to hear! He is encouraging, supportive, and yet invites the reader to understand what goes on behind our emotions that stalls us and then says, “Here are some guides to restart.”
—Mary Anne Harris, memoir writer



  • Beyond Writing Prompts/A Better Way ~ Click here for more info.Beyond Writing Prompts

I just downloaded this book and already it has been incredibly valuable. I looked up the chapter “Hard Times” because I was stuck describing in my memoir a pivotal event in my life. The questions in that part were just what I needed! Delving into the other sections of this book has given me insight into how to tighten up my writing and also bring punch to some of my stories with which I was not happy. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Denis, for getting me back on track!
—JPE, memoir writer

Denis is THE expert on memoir writing. With years of writing and teaching behind him, he has much experience and is more than willing to share. Memoir writers everywhere have the benefit of his experience in this book (and in many others). I recommend Craft a Memoir highly as well as his personal training.
—Brenda Seekins, Memoir Professional


The Memoir Network Writing Series, as do all Memoir Network books, helps you to “write from the inside out” so that you will learn how to trust yourself in this process of becoming a writer.

With this series, you’ll find that you thrive as a memoir writer.

Would You Like To Jumpstart Your Writing?

Download the Memoir Network Writing Series to save big and get going on starting and finishing your manuscript today!


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