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Start Your Memoir Right


By Denis Ledoux

START YOUR MEMOIR RIGHT/Strategies for an Effective Writing Launch e-book.

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 START YOUR MEMOIR RIGHT/Strategies for an Effective Writing Launch

How can you know—before you invest too much time and energy—if this idea of yours to write a memoir is a right choice or a misfire?

As a long-time writing coach, Denis Ledoux has helped many writers grapple with this question. START YOUR MEMOIR RIGHT/Strategies for an Effective Writing Launch is a distillation of his years of coaching experience. His expert advice will focus your inquiry and save you much time and energy.


START YOUR MEMOIR RIGHT/Strategies for an Effective Writing Launch will help you decide whether or not you should write a memoir. You will learn many techniques for setting yourself up for success.

You will learn: 

  • why you need an answer to why you should—or should not—write a memoir.
  • what your biggest challenge is likely to be—hint: it’s not finding time.
  • why writing an autobiography, rather than a memoir, is probably not a good idea.
  • what tasks you absolutely must do before you start to write.
  • how to assess if you have enough writing supports and, if not, how to get enough.
  • how to mine your journal to bring depth to your memoir.

These—and more—best writing practices will get you to start to write your memoir the right way.

START YOUR MEMOIR RIGHT/Strategies for an Effective Writing Launch lays out a clear writing path.

  • Each step for assessing whether you should or should not be writing a memoir is clearly and simply presented.
  • You will learn why each step in the decision-making process is important in itself and how to implement it.
  • Doing this work now will ease the writing process later.
  • The steps in this book will prepare you to write the best memoir you are capable of—or not write, if that is what you should do.

Even if you were to decide not to write a memoir, the modest purchase price for this book will be a great investment. Think of the time and energy you will have saved!


Whether you are writing a memoir, creative non-fiction, or fiction, the suggestions in this book—as those in the other books in the Memoir Network Writing Series—are applicable.

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Start Your Memoir Right/Strategies for an Effective Writing Launch is the second book in the Memoir Network Writing Series.


The following will help you write the best memoir you are capable of writing…

A gift for you...
...because you need to get your memoir written. This little book will focus you to complete your memoir.
  • Your memoir deserves to be written. We help people get their story down—right!
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