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How to Craft a Memoir – 12 Basic Steps


A short, introductory guide to outline which most important steps to take—before you invest too much time and energy—to write the best memoir you are capable of!

Denis is THE expert on memoir writing. With years of experience behind him, for himself, and training others, he has the experience and is more than willing to share. Maine and Memoir writers every where have the benefit of his experience in this book and several others. I recommend it highly as well as his personal training.

—Brenda Seekins, Memoir Professional

Ledoux says it best, “Writers write because writing is what they have to do to get the work done!” He shows that writing is only part of the process and explains the purpose of ‘lingering’ on your work!

—Kynthia Rose, memoir writer

This book is part of the Memoir Writing Series. CLICK HERE to view the series.


Denis Ledoux has written a little primer with 12 great must-do suggestions. As workshop leader, coach and editor, he has helped many would-be writers to shape memoirs that have brought pleasure to family, friends and to broader audiences. His HOW TO CRAFT A MEMOIR / 12 STEPS TO CRAFT A MEMOIR is an introductory writing tool that gets right to the point.

For a complete guide (the equivalent to a graduate school course) to writing your memoir, go on to Turning Memories into Memoirs / A Handbook for Writing Lifestories.


• what the Memory List is and why it is important.

• why you should resist the urge to write from the beginning.

• why telling the truth is so hard and so not optional.

• how family stories can ruin your memoir.

• which stories to write first.

• when to write and when not to write.

• why the right attitude will see you to the end.

These—and more—best writing practices you’ll find in HOW TO CRAFT A MEMOIR / 12 BASIC STEPS TO CRAFT A MEMOIR will get you to start to write your memoir the successful way.

A special feature of this book is its dozens of links to posts on Ledoux’s blog. If you follow the trail he points you towards, you will learn much about the basics of writing.

Memoir Writing Series

Whether you are writing a memoir, creative non-fiction, or fiction, the suggestions in this book—as those in the other books in the Memoir Writing Series—are applicable.

For a full listing of all the books in the Memoir Writing Series, click here.

4 reviews for How to Craft a Memoir – 12 Basic Steps

  1. Leslie Williford

    very informative glad i read this book.

  2. Arthur Bliese

    This book is worth reading to understand some good tips to get you motivated in writing.

  3. Joseph Skinkis

    I bought his book: “Turning Memories into Memoirs” many years ago and it got me into writing my memoirs. His latest book was what I needed to polish my scribbles. I was not disappointed. This short book has many references with links that can be most useful should you get stuck with a writing problem.

    I agree with his basic principle of: “Resist the Urge to Write From the Beginning… Start from anywhere”. This means just write what excites you at the moment and it will get your creative juices flowing. Write every day if it’s only for 30 minutes. These are the words of Denis Ledoux.

  4. Margarita D.

    Excellent book, informative, and helpful. Lots of helpful tips.

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