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Monday Focus: Structure your memoir: because your memoir is not an amoeba, it needs a backbone.

How to structure your memoir is today’s Monday Focus topic. Read on to learn how.

Your story may begin as a formless collection of vignettes and stories. You may be writing as memories come to you. That is not a bad way to start to write. Spontaneity taps into the unconscious.

But, your stories must not remain without an organizing principle. When you structure your memoir, you give it the backbone your readers want and need! Your memoir calls for structure to make as forceful a statement as it can make.

Eventually, after you have written awhile, you will likely have amassed a number of vignettes, story segments, and stories and wonder about how to best organize them into a coherent and interesting memoir. You will likely want to make a statement, to create a bigger picture of your story.

How will you do it? Well, one answer is that you will do it by how you organize your story. Generally, people use chronology, topics, themes, and all of the above.

If you want to write a better memoir, give yourself the gift of the book Organize Your Memoir/Find Your Structure. It will lead you through the process of putting your story together, of making some narrative pull that will structure your memoir. This will keep your readers reading.

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