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A Warm Welcome to My Memoir Education Writing!

Getting Started with Our Memoir-Writing Programs


I am pleased to welcome you to MyMemoirEducation. You will find doing the work below to be an effective way to “stay in the memoir conversation.”

MyMemoirEducation provides an extensive education in the essentials of conceiving, writing, and publishing an interesting and meaningful memoir—and MyMemoirEducation mentors you free of charge. Because this is a comprehensive introductory resource, I’ve created this page to orient you to its possibilities.

The information is right here for you, at your fingertips when you need it and are ready to use it.

#1: Building your foundation

Every other week in your email box, you’ll find a key lesson on improving your writing.

These Writing Guides are designed to build a step-by-step understanding of the bedrock foundation for creating a memoir.

When I looked closely at what was working best in my own writing and in the writing of my students over the years, I found that success rested on four pillars:

  • A strong relationship with your audience (these are the folks who will say, “I’ve been waiting for just this [sort of] book.”)
  • Knowledge of technical elements of writing—grammar, style, structuring, etc.
  • An understanding of the inner life of the writer. This is not just a story you are putting out. It is a relationship with yourself that you are exploring. Many memoirs are lost for want of understanding how a writer creates and perseveres.
  • Skill at marketing your book—whether that involves selling your book idea to a traditional publisher or managing the publication process yourself.

Each pillar enhances the others. Together, they’re much stronger than they would be if any of the pillars were missing. They are all necessary to bring your idea through writing to the moment it arrives in the hands of the reader.

(That’s not theory, by the way. I’ve seen this is so with my own books and I have seen it so with writers I have worked for/with.)

We want you to succeed. That is whyMyMemoirEducation we provide you with so much up front.

#2: Memoir writing from the inside out

My Memoir Education encourages you to make use of your 24/7 access to the Memoir Writer’s Blog, the extensive memoir-writing “library” that continues to expand.

The blog is where you’ll find in-depth information on writing, polishing, publication—mostly indie publishing—marketing your book, and more.

This is where you can dive deeply into a topic at the time that’s right for you. So if you need to learn how to best rework a text, you can do that today, or next month, or two years from now. We’re ready when you are.

#3: Participating in the Memoir Café.

The Memoir Café is a forum where you can post your thoughts, ask your questions, meet other writers. In a real way, it adds up to free coaching. Give it a try—we think you’ll like the experience.

#4: Taking your education further

In MyMemoirEducation, we are giving you a wealth of information, and this may be everything you need to rock and roll in your writing. If that’s the case, that’s awesome! Please send me a copy of your published book to enjoy and mention on the blog. I’ve had some amazing success stories from people who have taken the free information and run with it … and I love it.

But some writers want to go deeper.

  • They want the personal touch they can get from working with a memoir professional directly. Being in live contact can be catalytic.
  • They need more in-depth “professional grade” education to achieve their writing goals.
  • They would benefit from more personalized attention to their specific writing problems and challenges. They want to maximize their time investment.
  • They want more information about their best publication options.
  • They’re ready for interaction at a master education level on key topics like pacing and shaping a story, creating sustained imagery, or plunging into archetypal content. This is something a coach or editor can provide masterfully.

If that’s you, it sounds like you are ready to upgrade your relationship with us. We’d love to have you benefiting from one of our services. We offer:

  • coaching to make it possible for you to develop your memoir quickly and effectively under the guidance of a coach.
  • editing to give your memoir the polish it needs before going out to its public.
  • ghostwriting for when you decide that your best option is to work with a professional writer to bring your story to its audience.
  • book production to package your memoir professionally so that it will look its best.

#5: Becoming a Smart Memoir Professional

Some people enjoy the experience of writing their memoir so much and have gotten so much out of it that they want to share their love of writing with others. These are the people who decide to teach, coach, edit, or ghostwrite for others.

We help them with the free Smart Memoir Professional area which is analogous to MyMemoirEducation.

They get free e-books, MP3, and a 10-week course. After this, many decide to go even deeper and acquire the Memoir Professional Package. But we know this is not for every one. If this is for you, click here for more info. Memoir work is satisfying work.

What happens next?

Watch your email box for those core Writing Guides. They’ll give you a real grounding in how to make the most of your writing time. Each Guide will contain many links to articles from around the web. Many of those will be from the Memoir Writer’s Blog, but we’ll also include links to others who I think “get it.”

In addition to that, I’ll keep you up-to-date on the latest advice to refine your thinking, sharpen your tactics, and improve your strategies. That way you can keep your momentum going and keep writing, finish and publish your memoir.

Before you move on to other things today, allow me to make one suggestion: Add to your email program’s “white list” or list of “safe senders” so you’re sure to get all of the lessons. If you don’t do that, some messages might end up in your junk folder. It happens all the time!

I am pleased to share your writing journey. I’m really looking forward to getting started with you, so let’s jump in!

A Road Map for Your Writing Journey with The Memoir Network.

Read and follow these steps as you launch yourself. Click here.


1. An e-Course on Basics of Memoir Writing

This is a five-part e-course that will help you to master some of the technical details of memoir writing.

In An e-Course on Basics of Memoir Writing, you will work with some nuts and bolts of the genre. Among the writing components every writer ought to master are:

Developing Action

Do You Need Action in a Memoir? - PDF

Action in a memoir is essential – even if internalized!

Action in a memoir normally happens in the usual place—outside the memoir narrator. That is easy to grasp: “The boy ran by.”

When you use flashback scenes in which you remember someone and what they did way back then—these are not internalized actions, these are memories of actual actions.


4 Tips for Moving Your Plot With Action - Audio

a memoir coach or a memoir editor

An MP3 by Denis Ledoux on adding action to your memoir.


4 Tips for Moving Your Plot with Action - PDF

The Memoir Network

A PDF on adding action to your memoir. Download, print and add to your writing binder.


Developing Character

Developing Character - Audio

a memoir coach or a memoir editor

A short audio by Denis Ledoux on developing character in your memoir.


Describing Character

The Memoir Network

A PDF Guide.

The people in your memoir are your characters. While they may be your mother, your father, your brother, or your sister, people you knew and loved, they are also characters in a story, your memoir narrative. Print this out and add it to your writer’s notebook.

Choosing Point of View/Voice

Point of View In a Memoir - Part 1

memoir writing information

An early decision in writing a memoir is to choose what person it will be written in: first or third? What are the differences? Do you have a choice?


Point of View In a Memoir - Part 2

memoir writing information

In Point of View In a Memoir, Part 1, I shared my  challenge of trying to write material in a ghostwritten memoir that I knew to be true but with which the subject was not forthcoming.


Point of View in Memoir, Part 1 - Audio

memoir writing information

MP3 by Denis Ledoux


Point of View in Memoir, Part 2 - Audio

memoir writing information

Part 2  by Denis Ledoux


Selecting Theme

Theme in Memoir Writing - Audio

a memoir coach or a memoir editor

Insights are glimpses of understanding – “Oh, that’s why – or how – she did that!”


Conveying Theme Effectively - PDF

The Memoir Network

Underlying all of your stories is its theme. The theme is really a message, the global way in which you understand your story – either in its entirety or in its parts.


Three Ways an Inauthentic Theme Will Trip You Up - PDF

Successful Memoir Writing

As you articulate your theme, ask yourself if this theme is really yours – does it reflect your present understanding of your story and of life itself? Or is it is a residue of the accepted “wisdom” of someone else: a parent, another adult figure, society at large?


Not Being Preachy: Four Tips on Writing Better Theme - PDF

4 Tips on theme in memoir

The negative underside of theme is being preachy. You are preaching when you insist that your reader endorse your theme, message or point of view.


Mastering the Mechanics of Writing

Writing More Efficiently

The Memoir Network Ghostwriting Services

Too many writers allow the book-writing process to go on and on. It is possible to learn to write more efficiently.


How to Organize Your Memoir

The Memoir Network Organize Your Memoir

Eventually, after you have written awhile, you will likely have amassed a number of vignettes, story segments, and stories. You will want to organize your memoir to make a statement, a bigger picture.


Tips to Help You Write Today and Everyday

theme in a memoir

All of us struggle to some extent to produce writing content.


2. Start to Write Your Memoir – an e-course

While this e-course is available outside My Memoir Education, we want to be sure you don’t miss it! To receive this free five-lesson e-course, SIGN UP HERE.

3. Motivation for Memoir Writers

A. Motivational e-Course

In all writing lives, a little rain may fall once in a while. This Motivational e-Course for Memoir Writers is geared to help you to take care of discouragement by “cutting off at the pass” negative thoughts and habits that may try to make their way into your writing life.

These are four modules you will want to read and reread and do the actions steps in depth.

Urge others to sign up for this e-course by becoming members of My Memoir Education.

Motivational e-Course

You Deserve a Memoir - PDF

The Memoir Network

As you undertake lifewriting, you may face a major challenge that will be as unexpected as it is potentially harmful to your success at writing.The challenge? It’s as fundamental as it gets: accepting that you deserve an autobiography.


Where to Start - PDF

Where to start writing your memoir — a memoir writing report by Denis Ledoux.


Who Will Read Your Book? - PDF

The Memoir Network Writing Guide Audience

For whom are you writing? Who is your audience? These are questions all writers must ask. Answering these questions will give you a more confident writing "voice" and make your project go more smoothly.


Scheduling for Success - PDF

Scheduling Memoir Writing

In this guide, you will find a logistics checklist, a scheduling worksheet and an overview
of points to consider about scheduling.


B. Motivational Audio – Affirmations

This MP3 of Affirmations will help to reprogram your subconscious from “Can I do it?” to “Yes, I can!”

Motivational Audio

Affirmations Audio

An MP3 of Memoir Writing Affirmations by Denis Ledoux.


C. Motivational Affirmations – Wallpapers

These computer-screen wallpapers will also help to reprogram your subconscious well. Place them on your computer desktop today.

Motivational Wallpaper

We offer much here in the My Memoir Education area, but if you want even more—including interaction with a mentor and other writers—check out the Write Your First Memoir Draft Program. This is a long-distance, internet-based opportunity to learn about memoir writing—and get a lot of writing done—in the comfort of your own home and at your own times. Registrations are currently being accepted.


4. Coaching with Memoir Writers

Here are three MP3s to sample what coaching would be like for you with one of The Memoir Network coaches. How much progress could you make quickly with a memoir coach and editor?

Coaching with Memoir Writers

Coaching With Memoir Writers #1

Rewards of Writing a Memoir

Get Traction in Your Memoir Writing: How to Begin Your Memoir So the Reader Gets Into the Story Quickly

Listen to the first in a three-part series of coaching sessions by memoir-teacher and guru, Denis Ledoux.

This is a live recording of the tele-session.


Coaching With Memoir Writers #2

Rewards of Writing a Memoir

Get Traction in Your Memoir Writing: Handling Dialog So You Can Hear Your Characters Speak

Listen to the second in a three-part series of coaching sessions by memoir-teacher and guru, Denis Ledoux.

This is a live recording of the tele-session.


Coaching With Memoir Writers #3

Rewards of Writing a Memoir

Get Traction in Your Memoir Writing, Looking at Your Narrator Possibilities

Listen to the third in a three-part series of coaching sessions by memoir-teacher and guru, Denis Ledoux.

This is a live recording of the tele-session.


5. Three e-Books: One to Stimulate Your Recall, One to Help You Craft Your Memoir and One to Provide You With a Sample Memoir.

Writers need to be readers. As you read, you will learn more about the craft of writing. These thee ebooks are our gifts to you. More books are available at our store.

Membership e-Books

Memoir Writing 101

Memoir Writing 101

This book's ten steps can help you write a memoir or improve the one you are working on.


The Nice-Nice Club Holds Its Last Meeting

The Memoir Network

In this short memoir, we read about a family that was held together because someone in the family invested much energy into maintaining the status quo. In The Nice-Nice Club Holds Its Last Meeting, a family that had once placed great stock in a façade of loving one another—and it had “worked” for a long time—sees the façade crumble, showing inner workings badly in need of fixing.

I'd appreciate it if you would take a moment and write a short review of this book on Amazon. Reviews help me to reach other memoir writers. Thanks!


Memory List Question Book

The Memory List Question Book is a compendium of questions. It includes some of the most useful questions you can ask yourself as you write about your own life or your subject's life. You'll find this resource to be a great support for the process of interviewing you'll undertake before getting started on writing stage.

An expanded version of the is book is available in The Memoir Network shop under the title Memory List Question Book 101.


6. The Memoir Network Audio Library

MP3s on memoir writing from beginning to write to marketing your published book. Longer versions of these are part of the Write Your First Memoir Draft Program.

TMN Audio Library

Who’s the Author? What are the Rules?

memoir writing support

Denis Ledoux joined a National Association of Memoir Writers’ Teleseminar to talk about co-authoring his new memoir, A Sugary Frosting — which is composed both of stories his late wife Martha wrote and of stories of hers, which he ghostwrote from memory. An hour-long interview filled with insights on writing stories that unify different voices used to flesh out a story. If you are thinking of writing another’s story, don’t miss listening to this interview.


Writing Schedule

How long should it take to write a memoir?

This MP3 is from a memoir writing group. It offers a number of thoughts to establish an effective and sustainable schedule.


Lynn Serafinn Helps You Market Your Book - Audio Excerpt

The Memoir Network

Marketer and coach Lynn Serafinn offering an eye-opening, informative, and inspiring look at book marketing.


Kate Christensen - Blue Plate Special - Excerpt

The Memoir Network

Organized around her history with food, this is an excerpt from the story about Kate Christensen's writing craft and her learning to trust herself.


Kathy Pooler Interview - MP3 Excerpt

The Memoir Network

Kathy Pooler hosts the web blog The Memoir Writer’s Journey.



Keep checking this section for new materials that don’t fit in elsewhere, materials we feel can both motivate you to persevere in the memoir conversation and inform you in the elements of writing success.


Turning Memories Into Memoirs - Excerpt

the best memoir writing book

This memoir writing guide by Denis Ledoux will lead you through a step-by-step process that will enable you to record your personal and family stories. Introduction and Chapter 1.

Turning Memories into Memoirs is one of the many pieces of the Memoir Start-up Package.

It is also in our Bookstore as an e-book, in hard copy, and audio. Click Here to order.


Living Fully After 40 With Anna Banks - Audio

The Memoir Network

An interview with Denis Ledoux


A gift for you...
...because you need to get your memoir written. This little book will focus you to complete your memoir.
  • Your memoir deserves to be written. We help people get their story down—right!
  • Writing a memoir or want to improve one you're working on? Download Memoir Writing 101: How to Craft a Compelling Memoir or Lifestory / 10 Steps and a Bonus.
  • Memoir Writing 101 comes with The Lifewriter's Guides, a biweekly "workshop in an email.".
  • If you are already a member of The Memoir Network, this e-book and others are available to you free in Member Resources.