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commit to finishing your memoir

Commit to finishing your memoir

Today, I am offering you a dynamite coaching session. If you read through this post and check the links, you will have an experience that will set you up for success—when you commit to finishing your memoir.

Ahead of you is a week available to make progress on your memoir. By next week at this time, will you have written an encouraging number of pages on your memoir or…

Will you be regretting the week, saying, “Well, you know how it is…life got in the way! Ha ha!”

The choice of results is yours to make.

How are you going to use the coming week? Will you “try” to use it well – and find on Friday that you have let so much get in the way that you wrote very little in a week’s time? Or…

Will you set up a writing schedule for yourself? A realistic writing schedule. Almost everyone reading this – and that includes you – can schedule a half-hour to an hour every day.

Really! You can!

Let your scheduled time be a sacred commitment to work on your memoir. If something happens and you cannot write at your scheduled time, you are committed to showing up at some later time in the day, but you will not let the day pass without having put in your writing time.

Let’s say, it’s 7:30 PM and you realize you have not put in your writing time. What I suggest is you “switch gear” right then and take up your writing.

Make this commitment to yourself—and to your memoir.

Faithfulness to your writing schedule is something you can develop and you will if you commit to it—no more trying, no more being interested in writing a memoir. Just commitment!

If you “try to write,” you are probably not committed and you will eventually succumb to the [erroneous] idea that writing a memoir is too difficult. You can hide behind saying you “tried” your best or you can stop “trying” and actually do.

Like any habit, writing regularly needs to be a decision  you make. You can learn this habit; you absolutely can. It doesn’t happen by a vague “I’ll do my best.” It happens with a commitment.

Only you can make that commitment. I can’t do it for you.

What I have found useful is setting up a writing goal. Perhaps it’s to write 5000 words this week or perhaps it is to produce 50 pages this month. This sort of goal energizes me to work just a little bit more. Admittedly, it’s only a game but absolutely it increases my productivity—and it will yours.

Your memoir need not be something that takes you forever to write. It needs to be something that you actually complete…and completing doesn’t happen with good intentions and wishing. I happens with a commitment to do the work.

To view the contents of this post as a video, click here.

Here are links to Blog and YouTube material that will help you to put these ideas into fruition when you commit to finishing your memoir.

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  • Trying vs. Commiting on the blog.
  • Trying to Doesn’t Write Your Memoir on YouTube.

I hope you were encouraged by this note and will commit to a writing schedule this week.

Let me know below how committing to finishing your memoir works for you.

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