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Franco-American memoir

100 years: July 21, 1921 to July 21, 2021

Today is the centennial anniversary of my mother’s birth. Her life offers a typical Franco-American story.

Lucille Verreault Ledoux was born on July 21, 1921. She lived until May 5, 2015—just shy of 94 years.

I have written extensively about her life both here on the blog and in the memoir we wrote together, We Were Not Spoiled / A Franco-American Memoir.

This Franco-American story chronicles a life that is typical of many Francos of her generation and, as such, is an important addition to our understanding of Maine’s ethnically diverse communities of the past century.

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This is a lifestory of often overlooked details, of information thought to be marginal and so too frequently lost to students of history. A basic function of memoir is to give witness to a time and a way of life gone by, and this Franco-American story succeeds admirably at this task.

In honor of her birthday, I am making the electronic version of the memoir available for free both today (July 21, 2021) and tomorrow (July 22, 2021). For your copy, just click here: We Were Not Spoiled / A Franco-American Memoir.

(If you prefer the hard copy, it is also available on the same page at $17.95 with free shipping.)

I hope you enjoy meeting my mother through the pages of her memoir.

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