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Why Choose a Ghostwriter?

Realize Your Dream: Choose a Ghostwriter

“Between you and me, I’m never going to do this,” said the woman on the other end of the phone line, a woman who was signed up for my forthcoming workshop here in Maine.

As soon as she said that—actually as soon as she had announced herself, I thought, “Oh, I suppose this is going to be the usual!” She had registered for several of my Turning Memories Into Memoirs™ workshops and had always, somewhat at the last minute, asked to have the tuition rolled over to the next session to be held in a few months.

“I want to write my uncle’s memoir. I really do. I want to have something to leave to my family—and to whatever little part of the world I can reach with a book. I’m full of good intentions to get this book started at one of your workshops, but I’ve finally admitted to myself it’s not going to happen.”

So far, this was something I had heard several times previously—except the it’s-not-going-to-happen part. Still, I thought I knew what to expect next. She was going to ask to have her tuition rolled over to another session or refunded. Okay, I could do that. No problem.

What she said next surprised me. It was to be the start of a new writing experience for me. A new way for me to help people to write the stories of their lives.

“Would you write this book for me—if I provided the information and was available for interviews? Could you do that for me? It’s the only way I’ll get my book.”

And so began my experience as a ghostwriter. I enjoyed the process of writing this woman’s book, and since that first effort, I have co-authored dozens of others for people from all over.

I wrote a book on ghostwriting and I make the e-version available for free. If ou want to choose a ghostwriter, that is a viable option.

What to expect from A Consumer’s Guide to Ghostwriting Services.

In the book, I distill for you some of my experience as a ghostwriter, an experience gleaned from years of writing books for other people. Each memoir was different, each one a fresh start.

I have also learned from the stories my clients have told me of working with inept ghosts and with “my sister-in-law who was an English major.” These cautionary tales, too, are part of this book. You can learn much from these stories.

Read The Consumer’s Guide to Ghostwriting Services carefully, making note of points that seem to be speaking directly to you and then begin the process of creating your memoir.

If “between you and me” you suspect that you will never get this done on your own, do yourself a favor: find yourself the best ghostwriter for you. (And, of course, we think that’s us at The Memoir Network!)

Good luck and don’t forget to download A Consumer’s Guide to Ghostwriting Services.

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