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Becoming a Disciplined Writer

A First Step to Becoming a Disciplined Writer

Becoming a disciplined writer is a practice. Do you struggle with becoming a disciplined writer on a regular basis and do you wish you could be more focused? Do you ask yourself, “Why is it so hard to write when I really do want to write?” You have to decide to become a disciplined writer

take a break from writing

Four Reasons to Take a Break from Writing

When should you take a break from writing? Writing is hard work, and there will be many times when it seems too difficult. You sit at your desk and nothing much comes. Your impulse is to get up to do something—anything—else, as long as it’s not writing! You think of the lawn that needs mowing, […]


Bringing Discipline to Your Memoir Writing

A big part of success is showing up and doing the work. The same is true in writing a memoir. To succeed you have to do some writing; you have to demonstrate some discipline, some nose to the grindstone. Now the writing process is not straightforward or linear and there are many unexpected twists and […]