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Writers Are Finishing Their Projects

Book time

In the last weeks, a number of people have contacted me with news about the status of their memoirs. It seems that their projects are coming to a completion.

  • A book by a Liberian man who came to the United States, essentially as a slave, will be published in September.
  • A woman I first met about 20 years ago at an Elderhostel workshop I was teaching is sending her manuscript in to the office for the layout and design. Not a fast writer. 🙂
  • Another woman who wrote about healing yourself from aphasic anemia is about to go to press.

Very exciting, satisfying

People come to The Memoir Network at all stages of their projects. Some come at the very beginning.

Write Your First Memoir Draft Program

The Write Your First Memoir Draft Program is a self-paced, long-distance program designed to support your writing and maximize your production.

  • print and audio presentations,
  • a monthly live mastermind group,
  • book and MP3 downloads,
  • loads of surprise bonuses.

“Our last Mastermind call really helped to focus me. I needed that.”

Invest in your writing; invest in yourself. Register today.

  • One woman, a number of years ago, said, “I have always wanted to have written a book but I don’t know what to write.” It took us perhaps four months of coaching for her to arrive at a subject. There ensued two years of writing to turn her concept into a book. At last, this woman was a published writer.
  • Other people come to me at some advanced stage of writing. Often, what they need is some developmental editing, some tweaking, some assessments as to the readiness for publication.

Write Your First Memoir Draft Course

This fall, I will be mentoring a new group of people. Engaging in a workshop is always a bit like doing a bungee dive. I never know how it’s going to go and I suppose that is the source of the adrenaline rush.

The same is true of the writers who come not really knowing what to expect—other than their plunge into memory is going to be a rush for sure.

  • Many—perhaps most—of the course members will produce a book. For some, it will be a book that contributes to their careers; for others, it will be a book for family and friends; and for still others, it will be living out of a dream to be a writer.

Unfortunately, some of the course writers will not finish. There are some characteristics of writers who do not finish.

  • They don’t believe in their ability to finish. (In the course, we will be your boosters; we may even believe in you more than you believe in yourself.)
  • They are impatient to produce a finished product and resent the time it takes to write and so they give up. (We will encourage you to be patient; we will model the time it takes to write clearly and honestly.)
  • They are perhaps perfectionists, seeing in their writing something that is not good enough and so worth only abandoning. (We will hope you will learn that perfect is the enemy of good. We will model how clarity and coherence are better goals than perfection.)
  • They lack the discipline to show up at their desks day after day to write what needs to be written. (We will hold you accountable to your commitment.)

My pledge to all the course writers

One thing I do know is that I will give my best to help all course participants to realize their dream of turning their memories into a book of memoirs. But it will not only be I who is helping. Every writer in the group will prove to be a stimulating resource.

As participants listen to other writers, as they witness the progress of others, they will decide not to give up, will decide to affect a turnaround, will decide that they will finish their book.

I hope that you will join me this fall for the Write Your First Memoir Draft Course.

Benefit from the early registration discount until August  28. Even better, register before August 7 and receive a Memoir Start-Up Package (a $111 value).

The Memoir Start-Up Package is yours free if you register before Friday, August 7.

Remember: whatever you do today to write a few pages of your memoir

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