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The MEMOIR MASTERMIND CALL — a live experience

The Memoir Mastermind Call is a hands-on session—providing an hour of expert contact every month. For many writers, the live exchange is a missing factor in their success.

Every session is recorded and available to you for repeat listening. Benefit on the call; benefit all month long; benefit for up to one year.

Although this monthly Memoir Mastermind Call is part of the Write Your First Memoir Draft Program, it can be purchased separately. If you are a member of the Write Your First Memoir Draft Program, you need do nothing more. You will have access to the Memoir Mastermind Call for up to one year!

Current Mastermind Call Schedule

  • November 21, 2019 11 AM/ET (note: this call is not on the last Thursday)

What happens in a call?

Once a month, in the hour-long Memoir Mastermind Call, you get to ask the group—both Denis Ledoux and everyone else—the questions you have about memoir writing:

  • “How do you do foreshadowing in a memoir?”
  • “What is this Oxford series of commas I was reading about?”
  • “I’m having trouble telling the story. Is it really such a bad idea to fictionalize a bit to get through?”

You get to vent about the challenges you are facing:

  • “This researching details to fill the gaps in my story is taking too long!”
  • “How do I dealing with the painful memories that arise when I write about my sister?”
  • “I keep thinking: ‘So what! Who wants to read this?'”

Don’t let yourself be a secluded writer!

No one ever said writing a memoir would be easy. If you have ever felt working alone was wearing you down,

  • participate in this Memoir Mastermind Call,
  • benefit from the support of a writing community,
  • be informed by how your fellow writers are solving similar issues, or
  • listen to them encourage you. “You’ve done so much progress already! You’re on your way!”

Just need to say what you are doing these days? They’ll be room for that, too! Or, you want to find a memoir on a topic similar to yours so it can stimulate your writing, but you can’t come up with a title? Some one will know the very book you need to read.

For more on how participating in a tele-class works, CLICK HERE.

The Memoir Mastermind Call is also available as a stand-alone option for $175 for a 12-session package. Call the office at 207-353-5454 to register.

Writing Schedule

How long should it take to write a memoir?

This MP3 is from a memoir writing group. It offers a number of thoughts to establish an effective and sustainable schedule.

A gift for you...
...because you need to get your memoir written. This little book will focus you to complete your memoir.
  • Your memoir deserves to be written. We help people get their story down—right!
  • Writing a memoir or want to improve one you're working on? Download Memoir Writing 101: How to Craft a Compelling Memoir or Lifestory / 10 Steps and a Bonus.
  • Memoir Writing 101 comes with The Lifewriter's Guides, a biweekly "workshop in an email.".
  • If you are already a member of The Memoir Network, this e-book and others are available to you free in Member Resources.