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Teach, Coach, Edit, and Ghostwrite Memoirs

Before you head down to the blog, I want to take a moment to tell you about how I became a Memoir Professional and began to teach, coach, edit and ghostwrite for people from around the world.

One day in 1989, I stood outside a conference room, listening to the chatter inside. I had been invited to speak to a group of older people about What Became of Them, my then-new book of short autobiographical fiction. Little could I know that I was pausing before walking into my future! How could I suspect I would teach, coach, edit, ghostwrite memoirs for the next decades.

After my presentation, I asked members of the audience to share their personal and family stories which my stories had been evoked. The outpouring of memories was truly amazing and that led the group leader to ask if I would be willing to lead members of the group in a memoir writing workshop.

The rest, as they say, is history—a delightful history that I have been privileged to live.

You can succeed as a Memoir Professional

A writing coach can help you at every step of the process. Having “been there and done that”—and being able to talk clearly about it, a memoir-writing coach can point you in the right direction and gently correct your course.The Memoir Network Ghostwriting Services

A coach is a teacher, a cheerleader, a critic, a motivator, a writing buddy, a person who holds you accountable for meeting your goals, a good listener, and sometimes an editor—and a coach can be more if you need more.

For a free consult, call 207-353-5454 today to make an appointment.

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If you are here on this blog archive, you must be interested in exploring how you, too, can become a Memoir Professional. Whether you are just starting out or have already done this memoir work, there is much here to support you to be successful—critically and financially—as a Memoir Professional.

When I began to offer the Turning Memories Into Memoirs® workshop in 1989, I already had many years of high school and university teaching behind me. I hold a master’s degree in education. With this background, under the auspices of grants from the Maine Humanities Council, I developed the first workshops that evolved into the curriculum that led to my success. Subsequently, I began to teach, coach, edit, and ghostwrite memoirs. So can you.

As a Memoir Professional, you will wear many hats: that of writing teacher, lecturer, businessperson, and publicist—and perhaps that of coach, editor, and ghostwriter. You will assist people from all walks of life to access the writing skills they need to make their lifestories as effective and as successful as they hoped them to be when they came to you.

Denis Ledoux’s Memoir Professional materials are an excellent, comprehensive training focused on how to start and operate a memoir business successfully.

—Robin Waldron, Memoir Professional
The Write Source, Franklin, Indiana

A rewarding venture: teach, coach, edit, ghostwrite memoirs

In this process, you will also be helping yourself to grow emotionally and psychologically as you engage in the writing process of the men and the women who will come to you. Because you are their teacher—or perhaps you are serving as their coach, editor, or ghostwriter, you will know them in a very special and rewarding way.

The articles below will help you to succeed at this important work as you teach, coach, edit, and ghostwrite memoirs.

There are more resources in our Memoir Store to help you succeed. You will find that they have been designed to jumpstart your success—financially and critically.

Memoir Professional Blog Posts

Memoir Business Success – Four Steps to Pay Yourself First Today

If you are working for yourself, begin a schedule to pay yourself every week. This commitment will stimulate your business growth.

Part of Business Development is to Pay Yourself

1. How much do you want to earn in the next 12 months? Add to that net income a guesstimate of what your expenses and your taxes will be. That figure will be your projected gross income for the next year.

2. Take that gross-income figure and divide it by 52. That’s how much you have to earn per week to meet your business goal–pay taxes, purchase equipment and supplies, and pay yourself–you are the staff!

3. Now, take the figure that is your net income (what you will take home) and divide it also by 52. This is the weekly personal income your business owes you, the income you have agreed (with yourself!) to work for. (more…)

Teaching a Memoir Workshop – Easy Is Usually Not Best

In teaching a memoir workshop, the teacher’s task is to help individuals to go through and beyond two kinds of barriers to their writing: the technical and the psychological blocks that keep them from success. Our job is to facilitate our participants’ arrival at a point where they are able to “own” their stories, to acknowledge their life stories as they are and to accept themselves as they are.


Memoir Writing – Five Tips For Jazzing Up a Life Writing Group

A good writing group can give you invaluable support and see you through to the end of your project. Regular meetings essentially become writing deadlines to complete portions of your project. Group deadlines can be very stimulating (after all, who wants to show up at a meeting and be the deadbeat who hasn’t brought any writing to share!) (more…)

Memoir Business Strategies—Implementing Vision and Ideas into a Plan

Do you have a business strategy plan? Everyone who starts a business is a visionary of sorts. How else would we be able to face the daunting challenge of creating something out of nothing? Not everyone succeeds. What separates those whose visions culminate in viable businesses from those whose hopes and dreams crumble is perhaps the ability to dream realistically. Hint: it has to do with memoir business strategies (more…)

Develop a Full-Service Product Line with an Up-Sell and Cross-Sell Strategy

It will be hard for you to generate an attractive income without a product line to offer to the public-especially to existing customers. Existing clients are easier to sell to than new customers. They already trust you and have seen your track record. Providing they have further needs, they will buy from you over someone else–of course, to get the sale, you must have additional products to sell. (more…)

Making a Success of a Memoir Business – Get Over Back-of-the-Room Sales Phobia

“Selling? I just can’t do it!” says the sales phobic. Why is it that some people cannot ask for a sale, cannot sell products from the back of the room, when promoting their memoir business, etc.? Perhaps it’s a struggle between values and rules!

Does this sound familiar: “I just can’t ask my work-shoppers or people who attend a presentation to buy books and tapes from me. It feels too… too-” (Screw up your face here and think nasty.) (more…)

Make a Business Plan for Your Memoir Writing Business—Basic Elements

What do you want your memoir writing business to accomplish in the next 12 months? Take some time right now and make a business plan.

You don’t have time, you say. Planning is an indulgence? Think of this parable:

A person is sawing a tree and is obviously harried. A second person approaches and asks, “How long have you been sawing?”

“Oh, all day and I’m exhausted. Look at how much I have left to do!”

The second person suggests, “Your saw is dull. You need to sharpen it.”

The first retorts wearily, “That might be a good idea for some other people, but I just don’t have the time to do that. Don’t you see how much tree I have left to cut! Get real.”

Take the time to sharpen the “saw” of your business life. Make a business plan. (more…)

Four Paths to Profit for Your Small Business Success

Too many solo-preneurs and small business people do not think through the most lucrative paths to profit by which their companies make money. In so not doing, they leave money on the table.

How do you find these paths to profit?

1. Take a good look at your existing product and service line.

What is the person who has bought these likely to want in addition to these? Will they be able to achieve their most sought-after goal after using these products or services? Or, will your product or service only help them with part of their goal? Listen to what people are telling you as they purchase your product. What is their ultimate goal? The person who wishes to self-publish a memoir will not be satisfied with help in producing a manuscript because that is only a part of his/her goal. (more…)