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The Photo Scribe


Photoscribe your albums today! Your family will celebrate you for preserving the stories behind your photographs.

A diligent scrapbooker for many years, I felt I was already capturing the meaning of photos in my albums, but The Photo Scribe has inspired me to a new level of photo-journaling.—Rhonda Kanning Anderson,
Co-founder, Creative Memories

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The MOBI version is used on Nooks, the epub for Kindle, and the PDF can be used for reading on computers as well as most other devices.


Writing the Photo Captions For Your Scrapbook Photos

Do your captions tell the whole story behind your photographs—or even any of it?

Most people’s album photo captions are self-conscious. People are often afraid of “doing it wrong” so they resort to humor. There’s nothing wrong with humor in your photo captions, except when it doesn’t say anything. The chances are high that years from now you may wonder why you wrote that silly line in the first place. Weren’t there details about that day that you should have captured?

Writing great photo captions in your own words adds meaning and texture to your photo albums. It’s a wonderful way to begin the process of writing the whole story, of leaving a lasting legacy for future generations.

Don’t let this happen to you! Capture the moment with improved photo captions that tell a story. We call these captions Cameo Narratives.


This Book Will Teach You To Add Photo Captions Into Your Albums

betty verna jeannine

“Oh, Mama’s three sisters, Betty, Verna and Jeannine, were such grand entrepreneurs! Their lakeside clam shack was a big hit in the little town of Livermore, Maine, in the 1930’s. Travelers often pulled in on their way to Farmington College. They’d spend $1.00 for a basket of French-fried potatoes and clams with homemade tartar sauce.”

The Photo Scribe will help you develop captions and stories that mean something to the reader whether they were present at the time of the photograph or not. It instructs you on best practices for adding interesting and meaningful captions.

  • remember setting, mood, characters, background
  • learn about the cameo narrative
  • render and use a memory list
  • write with candor and heart
  • use your senses for detailed writing
  • overcome typical Photo Scribing problems
  • and MORE!

This practical step-by-step guide can enable anyone to discover the depth of their memories.—Rhonda Kanning Anderson, Co-founder, Creative Memories

Besides the book The Photo Scribe/A Writing Guide; How To Write The Stories Behind Your Photographs and its companion The Photo Scribe’s Memory Binder, we also offer The Photo Scribe Teacher’s Package.


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