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My Eye Fell Into the Soup


Though I felt a sense of sadness as I read the story, I also felt the love and respect that Denis and Martha shared. This can be a guidebook for couple’s enduring the cancer journey but it is also a beautiful tribute to a loving relationship, a labor of love. Martha has given us the gift of her words of wisdom and Denis has made sure her words will reach others.

Kathleen Pooler

Denis writes with the clarity and feeling to make you feel part of his story. He has been able to put into words the feelings both he and Martha experienced in what would have to be the most difficult time of their lives. For anyone dealing with cancer or as a caregiver it is a must read.

Dennis Blue


“I regret to inform you that your pain is due to cancer,” said the doctor.

Can there be an announcement more chilling than being told you have stage four intraductal breast cancer? Hard to imagine.

My Eye Fell Into The Soup, a poignant book about living with stage four intraductal breast cancer, offers a glimpse into a time when the disease began to loom larger every day. It was a time in a couple’s life that was difficult to live.

This memoir, via journal entries written as events unfolded, takes us through the process of coming to terms with the diagnosis and the struggle to survive and finally to adapt.

Especially poignant is its glimpse in the life of a happy couple, much in love after three decades, facing the end of their lives together. My Eye Fell Into The Soup, a phrase derived from a dream written in Martha Blowen’s journals, is a story of courage and of the deep plunge into the psyche when “real life” happens unexpectedly.

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7 reviews for My Eye Fell Into the Soup

  1. Harikleia Sirmans

    Martha wanted this memoir to help others who live with cancer or with a loved one who has cancer. Perhaps it can help them make the right decisions about their health care, their personal and legal matters, or their business while suffering from cancer. Because this disease affects not only the patient, but also the patient’s family members who see their loved one fading away slowly and painfully.

  2. Lisa M. Stapp

    I have a very specific purpose in reading this book. I am gathering my own memories in preparation for writing a memoir, and I am looking at several examples. This went is tightly focused, written from the viewpoint of a cancer patient and her husband-caregiver, over a very specific couple of years in their life. It is an excellent “textbook” and encouragement to write.

  3. Nancy M.

    Ledoux is incredibly courageous in sharing the story of his and his wife’s journey through her Stage 4 breast cancer. His masterful blending of their individual journal entries is only outshone by Martha’s courage in giving him permission to do so.

  4. Cindy

    This book is beyond a journey with cancer. It is a couples true love story told from the depths of their hearts. The compassion they each feel for one another as they have to face this intrusive force that has entered their lives. Martha’s journals depict all her fear and responsibilities she has to deal with. Her emotions are raw as she is striving towards a healthy life never loosing hope but yet questioning her doctors intentions. Her precious life has been put into the hands of others. Are they making the right decisions for her? A question we would all ask in her situation. Denis tells his side along with hers. It is well put together; you feel their struggles and their hopes to someday have their normal life back working together in their business doing memoir writing.

  5. Wintergreen

    The title of this work refers to a painting that the author, Martha Blowen, did in response to a disturbing dream she had. Eventually, she was able to discern that the dream presaged the return of breast cancer, this time metastasized, that eventually led to her death. The story is told through gracefully interwoven excerpts from her journal and that of her husband, Denis Ledoux. Martha was a gifted writer, artist and graphic designer, and combined her talents with those of her husband, a writer and editor, to run a successful memoir publishing business.

  6. Krista S. Schumacher

    I read this book because I’m working on my own memoir, and I was intrigued by the use of journal entries to tell the story as I’ve journaled most of my life off and on. The book tells the story of a devoted couple’s experience with the shattering news of wife Martha’s diagnosis with cancer that metastasized throughout her body. Fourteen years earlier, she thought she had beat it, only to learn it had returned with a vengeance…This was truly a courageous effort on Ledoux’s part. I can’t imagine anything more difficult to write than the story of losing the one you’ve loved for decades. If you enjoy memoirs, this is a must read. And if you struggle with keeping a regular journaling practice, this book will inspire you to get back on track.

  7. John

    This book shares the deepest details of Martha’s cancer reoccurrence through her and her husband’s own words at the time of the events. The courage it took to publish this book is unmistakable. It was truly an honor to have the opportunity to read this.

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