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My Eye Fell Into The Soup


~ “…a courageous book.”
~ “…eloquent and most inspiring to see the public sharing of a life, love and loss. ”
~ “…direct, clear and sensitive writing.”
~”The writing almost took my breath away!”
~”The relationships in this memoir is portrayed honestly and vividly.”



My Eye Fell Into The Soup: A Memoir Journal / Living With Stage Four Cancer


“I regret to inform you your pain is due to cancer,” said the doctor. Can there be words more chilling?

My Eye Fell Into The Soup is a poignant story about living with cancer, stage-four intraductal breast cancer. Soon, the disease loomed larger every day.

This memoir, via journal entries written as events unfolded, takes us through the process of coming to terms with the diagnosis and the struggle to survive and finally to adapt.

This book offers a glimpse in the life of a couple, much in love after three decades, facing the end of their lives together. My Eye Fell Into The Soup, a phrase derived from a dream written in Martha Blowen’s journals, is a story of courage and of the deep plunge into the psyche when “real life” happens unexpectedly and intraductal breast cancer threatens. This is a book about how to live with cancer and how to die from it.

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My Eye Fell Into the Soup

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