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The Memory List Question Book 101


The Memory List Question Book is a compendium of questions. It includes some of the most useful questions you can ask yourself as you write about your own life or your subject’s life.

I just downloaded this book and already it has been incredibly valuable. I looked up the chapter Hard Times because I was stuck on describing in my own memoir a pivotal event in my life. The questions in that part were just what I needed! Delving into the other sections of this book has given me insight how to tighten up my writing and also bring pop to some of my stories with which I was not happy Thank you, thank you, thank you, Denis for getting me back on track!

—JPE, writer

This is a very good tool for calling up memories you thought you’d forgotten. And also a good jumping off point for starting to write your memoir. Have YOU started saving the important events and stories in YOUR life for your kids, grandkids, and future generations? Not yet? What are you waiting for? Here’s a tool to get you started.

—Robbi Ryan on Amazon

This book is part of the Memoir Writing Series. CLICK HERE to view the series.


The Memory List Question Book 101 (PDF) is a compendium of questions. It includes some of the most useful questions to answer as you write about your  life or your subject’s.

You’ll find this resource to be a great support for the process of interviewing you’ll undertake before starting the writing stage.

A larger treatment of this subject will be available in the new book, Beyond Writing Prompts.

Memoir Writing Books Series

Whether you are writing a memoir, creative non-fiction, or fiction, the suggestions in this book—as those in the other books in the Memoir Writing Series—are applicable. For a full listing of all the books in the Memoir Writing Series, click here.

7 reviews for The Memory List Question Book 101

  1. CMD

    The book provides lists of topics such as grandparents, parents, childhood hard times, accomplishments, future and provided a list of interesting questions to explore each topic in more depth and to see a bigger perspective on it and to convey it. For example, for Hard times, some of the questions were:
    How did you or your family overcome the difficulty?
    Has this influenced you in a permanent way?
    What have you gained from the experience?
    What have you lost?

  2. Arthur Bliese

    If you need a prompt to start writing your memoir, this is it. I found it very helpful to challenge my brain to recall things from long ago that were buried in my consciousness. It is amazing how this book can help you get some things from your mind to paper and then to others for them to read. Very helpful.

  3. Jack

    I read a couple of Denis’ “How To” books and part of a memoir, this is another good one. Although I’ve written a memoir and most of the contents here were covered in it, the rest can be included or expanded in my next book, i.e., Celebrations and Holidays, Hard Times, Accomplishments, The Future, etc.

  4. NicK

    Denis is an old hand at getting stories out of people 🙂 This guide has many ideas to get memories flowing. Happy writing!

  5. Robin Leigh Morgan

    The manner in which the prompting questions regarding your life have been organized in this book, can easily serve as a skeletal outline for the memoir you wish to write, as they follow a chronological order that’s your life and the people who’re in it like your grandparents, etc.

    While this book might not resolve all of the questions you might have in regards to writing a memoir, it will serve as a decent roadmap to put you on the right course, which is why I’ve decided to give Mr. Ledoux for giving his readers a foundation where those wishing to write a memoir can start.

  6. Marion

    Great for my memoir workshop. Helps us get started.

  7. Robert Wonnacott

    This is truly an inspirational book. It has opened up my mind to remember things that happened in my childhood, some 70 years ago. What a wonderful guide that is helping me write my first memoir. Thank you Denis for publishing such a helpful book.

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