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A Sugary Frosting – E-Book


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A Sugary Frosting reveals a side of being a Preacher’s Kid, a public role that is rife with challenges of supporting your minister father and your minister’s-wife mother and of becoming yourself. Herein are relationships portrayed honestly and sometimes not flatteringly. A Sugary Frosting, a phrase derived from Martha Blowen’s journals, is a memoir of surviving religious idealism and inherited belief.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading Martha’s story for its historical value, as well as the unique insight into her world as a minister’s daughter. Denis Ledoux has produced a book that not only honors his wife’s memories, but also provides the stories that will enable his granddaughters to emotionally connect with her as they learn about her life experiences. Martha’s priceless legacy is passed from generation to generation! I love it when that happens.

Mary Anne Benedetto

Adding to the interesting stories about what it was like to grow up as a Minister’s daughter at a time where religion influenced everything from social gatherings to doing what’s considered “nice”, are the many photos included in “A Sugary Frosting”. I enjoyed looking at those as much as reading how Martha smoked pot in her room and tried to cover up the smell with incense. Such disclosures make this minister’s daughter just another kid on the block, even if she lived on acreage on a hill. She’s real; she’s human. And for a memoir to succeed, readers do need to identify with the protagonist.

Viga Boland, author No Tears for my Father




An honest memoir of the demands of growing up in parsonage where the children had to model the ideal Christian family and “what will people in the church think” was an important inhibitor of conduct. The authors write about a life that is gone by, a time when women wore gloves to church and when school bullying was “the way things are.”

Bonus: Inside A Sugary Frosting, you will find a bonus link to photos from Martha’s family and her early life, and recordings of her amazing singing voice.

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