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21 Must Do Memoir-Writing Tasks

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by Denis Ledoux

In this brief but focused book of launch tips, Denis Ledoux manages to lay out his introductory workshop presentation in clear, easy-to-follow tasks to be undertaken to make the writing better and quicker.

Ledoux has written another super useful book. He leads the memoir writer to the most important things to do right away. My hat’s off again to this master writer. He has saved me a lot of time and worry.

— Patrick Greenleaf

This book is part of The Memoir Writing Series. CLICK HERE for the series.



21 Must Do Memoir-Writing Tasks / Best Practices / How to Write Quickly and Well


Thinking of writing a memoir is a start, but it doesn’t get the story written! Only writing does that!


This introductory title of the Memoir Network Writing Series reviews in a succinct and clear manner which are the best writing practices you need to master. You can read the 21 tasks as stand-alone or as introductions to the other books in the series.

21 Must Do Memoir-Writing Steps brings you rock solid proven writing practices that are sure to make your memoir more interesting and more meaningful. This book is your map as you master the way to write a better memoir.

You Can Write Your Memoir. It Is Do-able.


Like learning to ride a bicycle, learning to write a memoir is within your reach. Take one step at a time and eventually all your steps come together in a memoir—all the faster with this concise and comprehensive guide.

21 Must Do Memoir-Writing Steps will help the novice writer through:


  • making a Memory List,
  • pre-writing,
  • defining your audience,
  • setting an initial structure,
  • plotting (yes, a memoir needs a plot),
  • why telling the truth is always best,
  • when to write through pain,
  • how to deal with writer’s block as the scam it is,
  • self-editing,
  • knowing when you’re done.

Free Bonuses


Filled with links to more ample treatment of topics (for those who like to access complementary material), this book contains URLs to posts, ebooks, ecourse, MP#3s—yours free for the taking.



The Memoir Writing Series, as do all Memoir Network books, helps you to “write from the inside out” so that you will learn how to trust yourself in this process of becoming a writer.

With this series, you’ll find that you thrive as a memoir writer.

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