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Ghostwriting clients we work best with share a number of qualities.

1. They are interested in the long-haul, in an on-going relationship. They understand that a memoir is not written in haste. It is not a commodity to be purchased at the cheapest price or the fastest pace.


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2. They seek a creative partnership with a professional memoir writer and understand that The Memoir Network brings that expertise into the relationship. They know that a memoir flourishes when the relationship between the client and the Memoir Network writer flourishes.

3. They recognize Memoir Network editors as professional writers to be valued. We have put in long years of apprenticeship, which we are making available to our clients. Ideal clients eagerly interact with the directives of their co-writer. At times, they may disagree and choose not to follow his/her lead, but when this happens they understand that the co-writer had a valid point — it’s just not the one the client wishes to pursue.

4. They accept that professionals work for a professional fee. They do not quibble over fees nor try to bargain.

Economically and educationally, the ideal ghostwriting clients we work with are all over the place.

But, there are some features most seem to share.

1. They are not writers—even those who would describe themselves as literate. This is something the best ghostwriting clients understand. They are seeking help with writing as writing is essential to the creation of a memoir but that is a skill which they have not developed.

2. They understand leaving a memoir is more important than leaving money. Generally, all our clients have determined leaving a written legacy is tops on their list of things to do “before it’s too late.” They have allotted the money necessary to have their memoir co-authored. Even if not wealthy, they are not concerned with fees, understanding the exchange they are making with The Memoir Network will bring them what they dearly want—a written legacy. They have the income to fund the entire project and so can finish what they have started.

3. They are ambitious for their writing. They want it to be the best text possible. They set a completion date. They live and breathe their story while they are working with one of our writers.

4. They have prioritized the time needed to work with a co-author. Our best ghostwriting clients are anything but passive during the writing process.

5. Many of our clients are 60 or older and recognize they have less time before them than behind them. This gives them a sense of urgency and purpose in finishing their memoir.


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