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November Is Memoir Writing Month

November 6 Activity: Organize a Lifestory Party

You don’t have to remember your lifestory alone. You can organize a lifestory party to gather information for writing your memoir. A gathering of family members to share stories about family events can help you double-check the information you already have and seek new material to flesh out your stories.

Reunions, weddings, funerals, birthday and holiday celebrations rate well on both of these tasks: scattered relatives, each of whom has a piece of the family history to share, are in one place at one time. Gathering stories at family events is an opportunity not to be missed.

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Organize your party!

Since our lives are usually lived in a community and our lifestories have evolved with other people in tow, take advantage of this symbiosis to write the best memoir you are capable of by accessing a collective memory of your life’s events.

Today, you will organize a lifestory party.  Use the following Action Step to help you organize everything and everyone you need to gather the information you need to write your memoir.

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Action Step

  1.  Invite people who were involved with you in the time of your memoir. Yesterday, I asked you to read to someone who was not involved with your life at the time of the memoir so as to get a more critical evaluation of your writing. Today, you are not reading any of your writing. You are gathering information.
  2. Ask your friends, your siblings and/or other people who might be able to contribute to your info gathering. This is not a social gathering but an information-harvesting event. Tell your guests there will be a free exchange of memories, which you will record because you are writing a memoir. In this conversation, you are free as are your guests to agree or disagree—but in the end, you are the one who has the task of choosing what details and what interpretation to those details will make their way into your memoir.

Please share this information with friends and family.

Take along this handy book of memory list questions to use as prompts for everyone at your gathering to spark forgotten memories and details: The Memory List Question Book 101

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