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Q. Is the Inspired Memoir Writer a workshop?

A. No. While your coach (that’s what we’ll call your group leader) will head each session with a short didactic component that will orient the discussion and also pick up on elements that were introduced by writers in the previous session, the real content of the group is in its sharing of writing experience and in its discussion. In each session, the coach will find moments when instruction is useful. Concurrently, any of the writers may wish to share a bit of technique with the group. We all become teachers for each other. This is a strength of the process. It works well and distinguishes group coaching from a workshop and from, one-on-one coaching.

Q. Is The Inspired Memoir Writer coaching?

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A. While the Inspired Memoir Writer group inevitably contains many elements that make individual coaching so successful, it is fundamentally different. As a group learning experience, the Inspired Memoir Writer makes use of the group’s knowledge and wisdom. At the early stage most IMW writers find themselves in, they need to develop quantity. Quality will come, but there can be no revision without a first draft. That is our focus: to develop your first draft. This is something the Inspire Memoir Writer knows how to do—and will do for you.

What most people call coaching is a one-on-one experience. It is an excellent choice, but it does not offer the group component. In groups, I have heard writers admit time after time, “I had not realized that I had a problem until someone brought it up in their discussion and I was able to realize I was doing the same thing!”

Q. So what to call The Inspired Memoir Writer?

A. The Inspired Memoir Writer group is a community of thoughtful, dedicated writers who come together for support and development. While there is an experienced writer/coach/teacher who is present as leader, the group functions as a collaborative whose magic occurs in the exchanges between everyone.

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  • If after the first session you feel this is not the right group for you, I will return your fee in full—no questions asked. You have nothing to lose.

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