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Frequently Asked Questions About Earning Money as a Memoir Affiliate of The Memoir Network

Q. I teach memoir classes in my community. Doesn’t this affiliate program have the potential of sending my paying clients to you and emptying my classes?

A. Unless you teach semester-length tele-courses/tele-classes, the answer is no. A person wanting an in-person workshop in your town is not going to be interested in an online course.

Keep in mind the person perusing your site is not yet your client. S/he is simply a surfer looking for a solution to a problem—”how to write a memoir?” If the longer question includes “how to write a memoir with an in-town workshop?” the surfer is yours to convince. But if the full question reads “how to write a memoir without leaving home which is on the other side of the continent from the workshop provider?” you are not dealing with a potential client. You have a surfer who is on the wrong site. By directing this surfer on to The Memoir Network, you are setting yourself up to earn a 20% to 50% commission on her/his purchase. Not shabby for so little work.

And if you do teach tele-clases, examine if they are really in competition. For instance, a one or two-shot program is not in the same arena as a semester-long tele-class. Send students wishing for a longer program on and receive a 20% commission on their tuitions. Not a bad revenue stream.

A writing coach can help you at every step of the process. Having “been there and done that”—and being able to talk clearly about it, a memoir-writing coach can point you in the right direction and gently correct your course.The Memoir Network Ghostwriting Services

A coach is a teacher, a cheerleader, a critic, a motivator, a writing buddy, a person who holds you accountable for meeting your goals, a good listener, and sometimes an editor—and a coach can be more if you need more.

For a free consult, call 207-353-5454 today to make an appointment.

Click here to read more about coaching.

Our “clients” are most often not really “our” clients. They are people who are purchasing a solution to their need. As their need changes, they are likely to move onto another provider. You do it when you surf; I do it. If it’s going to happen anyway, why not guide that movement in the direction of a commission?

I recently made $645 for about three hours of work sending my list over to a memoir summit. I do not offer summits and I may or may not have lost a client, but I made about $200 an hour in commissions. I was thrilled to be earning money as a memoir affiliate of that other site.

Q. But, I do editing and coaching and I see that you do that, too. If I send a person to your tele-course, isn’t that person likely to stay with you for editing or further coaching.

A. Yes, that is likely—if the person cross buys from a tele-course to a service, but what percentage of your students have cross-bought in the past? Is that percentage significant enough for you to forego earning money as a memoir affiliate?

Q. Isn’t being an affiliate going to require a drain on my time to set up and maintain? I’m already busy.

A. Well, of course, the more energy you put into being an affiliate, the more you will earn from your participation, but some steps you can take are so incredibly easy you could implement them in minutes—that’s  minutes not days.

The Affiliate Area has  a number of banners that you can install quickly on your site. The coding is there to implement. No need to create anything. Here are some samples:Write Your First Memoir Draft TC Preview

  • icons to place in a margin of your site (Many sites are designed in a three column format with text occupying two columns and the third devoted to ads of some sort‚ either to feature parts of your site or to promote outside material.) We also have horizontal icons if your site is designed as a one-column page.
  • in-post ads to insert in posts. (Once set up, the in-post ad is triggered automatically according to the category the post was placed under. We ourselves usually have only one in-post ad appear uniformly across out blog—it is of whatever product we are currently promoting.) Paste our copy in once and enjoy the outreach for as long as your site is up. (You will need an inexpensive and easy-to-load app for the in-post-ad function.)
  • reprinting posts from our site. You may do this anytime—be sure to include your affiliate code in the URL link

You may decide to place a few of the suggested promotions on your site and earn occasional passive income or you may decide to give this a big push—even a daily mailer to reflect on of our campaigns—to maximize your earning potential.

It’s completely up to you—little or much. Becoming an Aafiliate is a decision to add a revenue stream to your site, to optimize your site’s passive earning potential.

Q. Is this affiliate program about helping The Memoir Network out?

A. Well, of course, it will help me out if you sell a lot of my products and services, but the real point of affiliating is that it will help you out. This is a business arrangement. I am offering you a way to maximize on the income potential of your mailing list by earning money as a memoir affiliate

In that sense, it doesn’t matter if your list is larger or smaller than mine or vice versa. What maters is your ability to promote the materials and services that are being offered on The Memoir Network site so as to turn an irresistible profit for you.

Yes, this is about helping me but that will only happen if you help yourself.

Q. I’m not really good at doing internet stuff and I don’t want to be caught in a lot of technical work that will eat up my days.

A. As stated above, being an affiliate can require as little technical savvy as posting an informative article on your blog. If you are currently blogging, you are all set to benefit from being an affiliate. The same goes with adding text in your email newsletter to send readers to a product. Piece of cake.

You can also copy the coding we provide with each banner and, after adding your unique Affiliate code to the banner of your choice, place it on your site.

You can make this more technologically challenging if you want—I’m not even sure how you could do that—but difficulty is not inherent in the process. Earning money as a memoir affiliate is easy.

Q. What kind of person does well Memoir Network affiliate? Do you have an ideal affiliate profile?

A. We do. You can check it out here.

Join our memoir affiliate income program now!