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In the last few years, it seems everyone has been writing memoirs: from ex-presidents to the grandma down the street, from the famous corporate executive to the retired high-school teacher.

People have become more aware of all forms of lifewriting: from personal journaling to family history to heritage scrapbooking. A Google search on the keywords “memoir” and “personal history” returns nearly a million results! And…

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When you type in crucial memoir key words such as “memoir coach” and “memoir editor” into a search engine browser, The Memoir Network is almost always in the top 3 to 5 sites listed after the paid ads and always in the top 10. We offer many products that you will not find difficult to sell.

The screen shot below is from a free Google, March 22, 2021, listing. (The cartoon is not ours. It was placed by Google. But… it’s a good laugh!)

Cash in on the memoir writing craze

The lifewriting phenomenon is strong. Become a Memoir Network Web Affiliate. You can provide links to valuable memoir lifewriting resources for visitors to your website or readers of your blog or newsletter at the same time as you generate memoir affiliate income for yourself. You’ll earn 20% to 50% memoir affiliate income on all products purchased by writers who access The Memoir Network though your links.

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Recurring Memoir Affiliate Income Is Waiting for You

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Earn referrals on these Memoir Network products:
  • Books, workbook binders, MP3s, workshop and class materials. Electronic books can be easily downloaded and printed. For every qualified purchase of Denis Ledoux’s handbook, Turning Memories Into Memories, you receive 50% of the cover price.
  • Photo journaling resources to help transform scrapbook albums from ordinary picture collections to lively and treasured volumes of personal or family history. Referral purchases of The Photo Scribe book earn you  50% of the cover price.
  • The Memoir Professional Packages are the only comprehensive professional development program for memoir professionals. This program includes tele-class workshops and seminars, and a full package of manuals and materials. Commissions range from $39.50 for The Photo Scribe Teaching Kit to $175.00 for the full Memoir Professional Package.
  • The Memorable Story / Write Your First Memoir Draft is a self-paced program and also offers a 50% commission—$49.50.
  • The Inspired Memoir Writer is a group coaching program that involves the participation of a memoir professional so will earn you a $25% income—$125.
  • Sign ups for professional editing, coaching, and ghostwriting/co-authoring services, as well as book design and production, earn you a one-time $100 finder’s fee after the prospect signs up and completes a three-hour block or purchases $300 of service.
  • Commissions are paid for all product purchases from your referrals for six months. Services provide a one-time finder’s fee.

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