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Write more quickly, more expertly and with more satisfaction! Learn Better Memoir Writing via proven long-distance programs.

Can you go wrong knowing more about memoir writing than you know now?

We can say emphatically that you can’t go wrong!

In fact, our experience tells us that the higher your skill level, the more easily and the more deeply you will write.

~ Are you needing to jumpstart your memoir? It’s stalled, and you don’t know how to get it going.

~ You have written large parts of your memoir, but you know it needs fixing. How to do that?

~ You’ve written your memoir, but you know it needs something more. If you knew what and how, you’d already have done it.

Your long-distance learning options

Learn more about memoir writing—at your own pace, in the comfort of your home. Our site is the premier memoir-writing venue on the web.

If you are serious about being a successful memoir writer (that is, published whether commercially or independently), you need to be serious about learning as much as you can.

Your following choices are both free and fee-based.

“The world of Memoir Writing is a much better place due to the enormous help Denis has given to thousands of people like myself. Thank you so much, Denis.”— A TMN writer.

1. Your free choices on the site:

~ The My Memoir Education membership is free as it gets. There is no fee for this program which offers you much by way of long-distance learning: e-courses, e-books, interviews with master writers, whitepapers, bi-weekly Writers’ Guides (in depth articles on the art and craft of memoir writing), and more. And the price is right!

~ The Memoir Writer’s Blog contains over 500 posts that are available to you as a member of My Memoir Education. The posts range from technical how-to posts, to tips for an effective memoir start, to  how to deal with painful memories, to telling the truth, to almost anything you’d want to know as a writer from motivation pieces to excerpts of published memoirs. And it’s free.

2. The following are fee-based.

Our “free” is great—in fact, we call it “superior”—but “free” can take you only so far.

~ The Memoir Store contains dozens of titles on the art and craft of memoir writing. Stock your ereader and / or book shelves with quality memoir-writing titles.

~ The Writer’s Time / Management That Works e-program is geared to helping you get control of your time so that you maximize the quantity and the quality of your output. Creatives have different management needs than the business person. In this program, you are respected as a creative, and the guidance you receive in geared to your needs as a writer.

~ The Write Your First Memoir Draft Program focuses on the basic building blocks of every memoir. Miss these and you miss your memoir. After completing this program, you will find that you write with confidence and greater speed. It is the foundational course.

~ While coaching and editing are not technically long-distance learning programs, working with a memoir professional will teach you much about writing. We are always amazed when we work with writers on their second memoir to realize how much more proficient and skilled they have become as a result of the teaching inherent in both coaching and editing—and so is the writer. Consider coaching and editing not only as a way to perfect your story but as a way to perfect your skills.

“I purchased Denis’ book, Turning Memories Into Memoirs, years ago but had lost track of it. I went online looking for it again and discovered his website and all its resources.”— A My Memoir Education member.

Upcoming: ask to be place on our to-be-alerted-of-publication list.

The Memoir Professional Program is a long-time best seller that is currently in the revision stage and will be partially ready and available as the fall of 2018 rolls out. The package will be ready by January 2019. If you teach memoir writing or edit and coach the materials in the Memoir Professional program will help you to organize your effort and to make it more lucrative. Certification is available.

Polish your Memoir Program is being designed as a sequence to the Write Your First Memoir Draft Program. It will roll out in February or March of 2019.

Good luck, keep writing and be in touch.


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