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Launching Memoir Teaching – 6 Steps To More Success

Launching Memoir Teaching – 6 Steps to More Success

Many memoir writers secretly, or not so secretly, want to help other people to write their memoirs. Sometime they do this informally with a friend or two, and at other times, they get a bit more organized and offer a class at a library or other institution.

I have taught workshops for decades and can attest to the deep satisfaction I have derived from working with writers. I have formed friendships that have lasted these many years.

If you would like to offer a memoir class here are a few tips to do so more successfully. They are garnered from sound business practices, but don’t worry they are easy for anyone to implement.

1. Reconnect with people who told you they want to be in a workshop within a few days of having first spoken to them.

Otherwise, they may soon forget about you and your class. Remember that when they spoke with you about their memoir writing, they were not specifically interested in you or your program. They were interested in resolving their need for a memoir. They can get what they need from you.

2. Repeat your offering to them.

Tell them about how your workshop will help them? Tell them how much they can expect to have written by the end of the series.

3. Make a case for some speed in their selection process.

Is there a sale, an early registration discount, a limited-time, special price bundling, or a gift offer? Also, remind them of the emotional cost of losing their stories to silence. Tell them how happy their family will be to have their stories. People buy based on avoiding pain or seeking pleasure. Pay both.

4. Point out your value over the competition’s.

This is an opportunity to place your classes as the product of choice and the competition’s as merely a second best. The competitor can be TV, leisure or a trashy novel.

5. Offer an alternative product—if appropriate—within your line.

Besides a workshop, can you offer coaching or editing? Speak about the possibilities of your services and let the buyer voice his or her needs. Counsel the client then about the better of the choices for him/er. This will give the buyer a sense that s/he has a choice.

6. Ask for the sale.

A subtle way of asking is to say “What would you like the next step to be?” The prospective client often realizes the rightness of a purchase. “Can I sign you up for the workshop?”

Good luck offering memoir workshops or other memoir services. It’s a wonderful thing to do.


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