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Jitters Over Don’t Let Writer’s Block Stop You Launch

Don’t Let Writer’s Block Stop You goes out in the world.

I have to admit that I have felt the book jitters as my new book Don’t Let Writer’s Block Stop You has  gone out into the world. It’s been up on Amazon since November 6 but I have been quiet about it. Then this week, I began to make a noise.

On Kindle Select

From December 7 to 11, 2014, Don’t Let Writer’s Block Stop You will be available as a free download as part of Amazon’s Kindle Select outreach. (I hope you will download it then and leave a review. If you would like to review it earlier, drop me a line [at] and I will get you a copy.)

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As a book coach and editor who has worked with writers over the years, I am familiar with the writer’s anxiety about publication. While we writers are always happy to see a book finished and about to go out in the world, most writers are also apprehensive—“Is the book really ready for its audience?” “Have I been significant or superficial?” “Is it well written and free of typos, misspellings, grammar mistakes, formatting irregularities?” “Have I written for my audience or for myself?” etc.

I’ve worked hard. Will the effort add up to a difference for readers? Will the book pay for itself and earn me some income so that I can continue to do what I love to do?

“Perhaps it’s too soon to send this book out,” we might tell ourselves by way of avoiding the inevitable public judgment and possible disappointment that comes with any publication. But…

Out the book goes and then we wait—for some bomb to fall?

Like most writers

I am both surprised to find myself feeling the very feelings that my clients have so often expressed to me and, at the same time, I was comforted to know that the same advice I give to clients is just what I need to listen to and follow. (As the author of many books, I know this feeling well, of course.)

My anxiety is under control, but it remains a low-level anxiety. Were I to give in to it, I would be succumbing to a version of the writer’s block—the one that postpones publication—and by now if there’s one thing I know it’s Don’t Let Writer’s Block Stop You!

Don’t Let Writer’s Block Stop You was ready to go out and out I’ve sent it. It’s now time to start incubating another book as the marketing for this one revs up.

How you can help

Please help me spread the word. Forward this to friends, tweet about it, like my posting on Facebook, review the book on your blog.

I appreciate any help you can give the book. A rising tide lifts all ships.


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