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You can now access our best memoir-writing blog articles as YouTube videos. These videos bring you the most read and the most important posts on our site’s blog archives.

A different medium

Many people learn well—and perhaps best—when accessing information both in writing and by listening. For these writers, our YouTube videos in the Memoir Channel are an excellent learning vehicle.

Others find that using YouTube videos as a review is what works well for them. Each of us has to review material many times before we really master it. Our YouTube channel not only contains videos and the spoken word but also contains links to the print article. Now that’s an opportunity to review material many times.

Still others listen to posts of YouTube videos as their primary source of information as they do mindless chores at home or while driving. It’s part of their Automobile University curriculum—and it can be part of yours, too!

What we have included so far

In this “YouTube Videos” category, we include a number  of our best blog articles—that is, the most read. (As far as we are concerned, all our posts are “best blog articles!”)

These videos we feature do not have an organizing theme other than they are among the most read and the most important to helping people. It’s reasonable to presume, moreover, that you, as our other readers, will find these YouTube videos very useful.

In conclusion

Once you are on YouTube, please “like” the post. This will give both the post and the YouTube Memoir Channel ranking. This ranking will lead to more people viewing the posts as YouTube moves them up in its listing.

The Memoir Network

Three Tips For Creating an Effective Writing Schedule


It’s time to commit to creating an effective writing schedule.

You’ve already taken several steps in lifewriting. You have begun to write your stories and memories. Perhaps the summer got in the way of your perseverance or perhaps it was something else—an illness, a temporary job, travel. Now you need to recommit to memoir writing by creating an effective writing schedule for yourself.

Rather than think in the general terms of “I’ll write as much as I can” (who are we kidding here!), base your writing schedule on a specific time or a page quota.

1) Decide how much time per week you want (or have) to devote to writing schedule.

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