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It’s encouraging to know how many people are writing memoirs. It’s not just that memoirs are among the best sellers and the most popular books, but that ordinary people are leaving a record of their lives as this anthology of friends category demonstrates.

A great variety

There’s such a plethora of lifestories that you are sure to find something in this category that will speak to you, stimulate your appreciation of life in a new and supportive way.

In this anthology of friends section, we are presenting excerpts from people who have been our guest bloggers. Their stories were not developed in conjunction with our programs. (Excerpts from our clients are available by clicking the link below.)

Writers need to be readers

We believe that writing and reading need to go together. To grow as a writer, you need to experience many samples of different writing and let yourself be taught by them. I know that reading has helped me to expand my possibilities and grow as a writer.

These excerpts below provide examples of what you can do yourself—after you commit to write on a regular basis.

What you’ll find elsewhere in the anthology

Once you have read the excerpts from our anthology of friends, turn to any other part of the Anthology by clicking below:

In conclusion

Enjoy what the thoughtful and skilled writers bring you in our anthology of friends.

The Memoir Network

Working in Saudi Arabia

DL: The following is a guest post by a write who co-incidently bears the family name of Guest—Colin  Guest. It presents his first days working in Saudi Arabia. The excerpt is form Follow in the Tigerman’s Footsteps / The Memoirs of a Serial Expat. Click here to learn how you, too, can send a guest post in to us.

On my arrival at Jeddah Airport, now called the King Abdulaziz International Airport, Harold was there to meet me. As it was lunchtime by the time we arrived on site, Harold took me straight to the canteen. As we walked in, I noticed two seated English guys having lunch. On seeing me walk in, one looked up.

“Do you have my passport?” he asked. [Free Membership required to read more. See below. ]

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is memoir writing important


I enjoy many forms of physical exercise, from climbing mountains, to backpacking along trails, to bicycling, and even swimming. But mostly nowadays I just go hiking, sometimes with my grandchildren and partner, but often alone. Working the muscles of my body is good for me and helps keep my joints working. I feel better after […]

writing during an illness

Writing During An Illness

“Writing is a way of processing our lives. And it can be a way of healing.”~ Jan Karon Most writers write because not writing creates distress. I speak for myself when I say, if I don’t get my quota of writing in during the day, I am up half the night, unable to sleep for […]

close up Italy mountain

Hot Flash: Family Photo Album

As I was cleaning out my parent’s house I made all kinds of discoveries. Like most kids (I’m referring to myself here) I never once thought of my parents as people. They were Mom and Dad. What they did before me really never entered my mind. Their life consisted of station wagons, split two-level houses […]


Writing My Memoir: Zero to Seventeen

Writing My Memoir: Zero to Seventeen / Life Lessons in Story Writing My Memoir: Zero to Seventeen / Life Lessons in Story I took my concern about leaving a legacy of my grandchildren’s stories and wrote a book. My three grandchildren and I had collected a memory list based on completing the sentence “Do you […]


Memoir Leads to Exploring the Past

Writing a memoir is like opening a window into your life. It can also help clear the fog on windows of the past. Writing my own story in my memoir Nothing Like Normal (to be published by Black Opal Press November 14) caused me to wonder about the tales of my parents and ancestors and […]


The Irreplaceable Memoir

People are driven to express themselves. Each of us has a story and an urge to tell it. No other style is as effective as the irreplaceable memoir.

ingrid littman

Hemingway and Dinosaurs

My pulse quickened as we walked up the white cement stairs to Ernest Hemingway’s famed Cuban home, La Finca Vigia. His presence lingered throughout the house.

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