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FAQ: Help Your Friends and Acquaintances Write Their Best Memoir

Q. What do I have to do to make this work?

A. That’s easy: send the link out with a note. While the process is easy, it does not happen by itself. You will need to implement the suggestions in How do you use this especially personalized URL?

Q. Can I do this if I’m not much of a salesperson?

A. This is making information available. If you do not think this the newsletter is worthwhile, then,yes, you are like the seller selling a clunker and pretending it is a good car. But, if you enjoy and benefit from the newsletter, then you are doing your friends, acquaintances and connections a big favor.

The effort is essentially a posting of a note and a URL.

Q. So if I send three people over to the newsletter I get a copy of Start Your Memoir Right?

A. Almost. You get a copy when three people sign up not just when three people visit the site. Once someone clicks on your link, however, it’s not likely that they will not sign up.

Q. Who keeps tabs on the number of subscribers I send over?

A. We have software in place that will release a premium to you automatically as soon as the third referred person signs up. Then, you get a premium after the third, the tenth, and the thirtieth referral.

Q. How do I attain the higher number of referrals?

A. Keep sending the emails out. It is a matter of time before you hit your target goals. This is a numbers game. It’s work to get a premium—but it’s easy work.

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