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Seven Great Ways to Promote a Memoir Network product

  • Blog posts on your site or as a guest elsewhere.

    You may reprint any blog post written by me for The Memoir Network that you believe will be of interest to your readers. Attribute these posts to The Memoir Network—e.g. “The following is a post from The Memoir Network that captures XYZ in a succinct fashion. I look forward to your comments.” This post is one that I have felt was important as it is really pertinent to too many writers. You can also choose from the categories listed in a drop-down menu on the right side of most pages or go to the web archives. We have almost 400 articles for you to choose from.

  • Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN, Pinterest, Google+, Instagram.

    Messages and/or ads (considering you can earn at least $425 for a registration, a FB ad is viable)

  • Newsletters.

    These are a fine no-out-of-pocket-cost way to go after a commission. You can write original text or reprint from a Memoir Network newsletter. (Be sure to 1) read our newsletter for copy and 2) add your unique Affiliate code to any links in a copied article.) A newsletter is a fine place to have an endorsement or to link to an endorsement on your site. (For example: “I have followed Denis Ledoux over the years and have seen his commitment to memoir writing remain strong and even grow stronger. He is truly a leader in the memoir-writing field.)

  • In-post ads on your site’s blog.

    These require an easy-to-install app available at many venues. Here is the WordPress URL for the app. Plug and play. Here is an example of an in-post ad from my site.

  • Personal contacts.

    Writing or telephoning individuals on your lists can have high returns.

  • Solo ads.

    A solo ad is usually a graphic with text that resembles a newspaper insert. You send it electronically to your people. A solo ad can also be all text.

  • Icons on your site.

    In effect, icons are ads on your website. While you can make your own, we have provided you with a library of icons for coming programs.

  • Any outreach vehicle.

    Whatever increases your sales is a potential outlet. Experiment. You will be glad you did when you find a successful venue to augments both the quantity and the frequency of your commissions.

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